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Street Smart–Season 1, Episode 7

I found that this episode was symmetrical in a lot of ways.

The gang’s scheme for this week comes from Hung to steal the money that’s deposited in shopping trolleys at the mall. Raj tries to tell them the obvious reason why this scheme wouldn’t work but keeps getting interrupted.

The gang wait for the trolley guys at the mall to go on their lunch break and successfully steal the collected trolleys and rush them to Steve’s garage. However Raj finally gets to tell them that they failed to realise that there’s no money in collected trolleys, and Steve discovers that they have been caught and are on the news.

The gang manage to take the trolleys back to the shop, but not before a dramatic chase and fight between Joseph and Steve. The gang end up making $2 when someone returning their trolley mistakes them for employees and forgets to take their coin back. However Trans takes it away from them as Steve used the electric toilet brushes she’s trying to sell, to fight off Joseph. This is shortly after, despite the gang’s intentions, Joseph is arrested as he committed a crime, but unlike the gang didn’t try to resolve it.

Meanwhile, Joseph and Steve like the same girl who lives in their street, Amber, and their mothers force them to have lunch together, where Joseph and Steve’s long running rivalry is revealed through flashbacks to their childhood, which were hilarious.

I mentioned this episode was symmetrical—it’s symmetrical in that Marie, Zena and Trans witness the gang stealing and then returning the trolleys, and the gang stopped for ice-creams both on their way to their house and back to the mall. This episode actually marks the first time that Marie, Zena and Trans witness their shenanigans.

Overall this was a well structured episode, although I felt a couple of the jokes fell flat (especially the jokes involving the Shane and the electric toilet brush, and Joseph magically appearing on the bridge during the chase).


Stray Observations:

-The gang do financial reports and pay taxes, despite being criminals they take their financial and social responsibilities seriously.

-Grant Denyer made a cameo as a police officer.

-Despite being a trainee parking officer, Tia’s car was impounded because she has too many unpaid parking fines for parking across her driveway.


Best one liners:

  • “What sort of criminal gang pays tax?” (Raj to Steve)
  • “Go ahead, make my quota!” (Joseph)
  • “I’m disappointed you didn’t impound the car yourself!” (Joseph to Tia on her car being impounded because of her unpaid parking fines)
  • “This isn’t Street Smart, this is a dumb dumb club!” (Trans to Hung)



Playing for Keeps–Season 1, Episode 2

Now that the pilot has come and gone and the premise has been established, the show can now focus on its main story arc—the mystery of Jack’s death.

The episode kicks off with Jack’s memorial service, where Rusty is drinking too much and Paige comforts Jessie. When Brian and Kath go home the press are waiting for them and Brian loses his cool, while Kath tries to calmly steer them away, later telling Brian to pull his head in. These moments provided a good insight into how the coach, players and the WAGs handle the press.

Brian reveals to Kath that Jack’s death may not have been an accident as the cause of his head injury doesn’t match with boys’ recount of the events. Jack’s autopsy report shows that he had oxycodone and xanax in his system when he died and he asks Lauren about it. She proceeds to tell him that no competent doctor would prescribe that combination, and Jack tells her he’s not questioning her competence and he’s trying to protect her, she tells him she doesn’t need protection. These moments, as well as her phone call the previous night while Brian’s at home with Kath, and her staring at him from a distance after the first game is over, are the only moments where their affair is touched on, but I digress. Who gave Jack the combination of the meds is one question that’s raised, that’s yet to be answered.

Meanwhile Paige manages to make a few blunders in this episode—telling Jessie that she saw and overheard her and Rusty talking at Brian’s barbecue, which she also tells Dan about, she also starts her first day at her new high school teaching job where her students mock her about a photo of her at Tahlia’s launch that went viral and she has a fight with them (off screen), and she tries to get her boss to meet the players at the lounge only to forget to take her pass with her, and misses being there for Dan. I would have liked to have seen Paige’s apparent fight with the kids, but overall there was some great character development with her.

Tahlia’s subplot was the most interesting one as she finally reveals to Connor that she knows he was adopted, and simultaneously inadvertently reveals this to his mother as Connor forgot to hang up after finishing his phone call with her. Again, I would have liked to have seen what would have been the dramatic fight between them unfold, nevertheless it ended on a good note with Connor admitting to Tahlia that he doesn’t know why he didn’t tell her, and Tahlia reassuring him that she doesn’t care where or rather who he comes from.

Maddy’s subplot wasn’t addressed as much as Paige’s or Tahlia’s. Maddy is having trouble adjusting to her new role at work and Trav goes behind her back and signs on for another year with the club, throwing their plans into disarray. Maddy gets a bit of payback during sex with Trav, a topic that Paige brought up at the beginning of the episode. I’m hoping Maddy and Trav’s relationship is delved into further as the season progresses.

This is also the first episode where a game is played as the season has started, where a minute silence is held for Jack, Paige experiences the corporate box for the first time, and Dan ends up kicking the winning goal in the last few seconds. The green screen effects were a little too obvious, but other than that the minor focus on the game added another layer to the show.

In the final moments of the episode, Brian reveals to Kath that the inquest will be announced next week, and of all people, Dan is the one to reveal that Jack was still alive after his kayak overturned. He also revealed it was Connor’s idea to leave Jack behind floating in the river, and that Dan pushed Rusty out of the way and tried his best to revive him via CPR. This adds another layer to the mystery and confirms the findings of the autopsy report. Personally, I think it’s too easy for the murderer to be Rusty, but I could be wrong, as it was Connor’s idea to leave Jack behind, he’s also a plausible suspect.

Overall this was a solid episode with great character development and slow but fantastic progression on the mystery of Jack’s death.


Best one liners and interactions:

  • “I really like your lack of bullshit” “it’s not a conscious choice more of a default setting” (Jessie–Paige)
  • “Red or white?” “I don’t care I love it all!” (Jesse–Paige on wine)
  • “Don’t eat the avocado, I needed something green for show” (Paige to Dan on the breakfast in bed she made him)
  • “I went with a different approach…I started a fight” (Paige’s answer to Kath’s question on how she supported Dan on the morning of his first game).

Bite Club–Season 1, Episode 7

As this is the penultimate episode of the first season with no confirmation of a second one to show itself, we should be reaching the end and the writers have decided to do this by having Stephen frame Dan.

The episode kicks off with the case of the week with a lifeguard (Toby) rescuing a woman caught in a rip and starting to drown. On the beach we see a mysterious blonde woman, who is later revealed to be Alice Clark, watching the lifeguard resuscitate the rescued woman successfully, only for her to suffer a seizure which kills her, which leads to the blonde woman running away.

We later find out the drowned woman’s name is Bec Phillips and she had ecstasy and rohypnol in her system, after the coroner finds a nightclub stamp on her arm, Zoe and Dan go to the bar where the bartender says he doesn’t remember her.

Over the course of the episode it’s revealed that the bartender sells ecstasy to patrons, and that the lifeguard who rescue Bec ultimately gave her the rophynol in bottled water to “rescue” her, not too dissimilar to fire bugs working as a firefighters who start fires to rescue people. Overall the case of the week was interesting with a good perp, but it wasn’t as thrilling as the progression of the serial killer case.

Kristof further profiles Stephen/the serial killer by adding that he deliberately sabotages a situation to get what he wants, which has been proven true with him so far, especially with his “jokes” to the staff about him being a suspect, and calling in a fake shark at the beach to “rescue” Amber a few episodes earlier.

When Jim and Dan reveal to the task force that Bob was dumped 10 minutes after being removed from the freezer, and frozen within 30 mins of being killed, and find an area of homes to search, Stephen knows that Jim, Dan and Zoe are only getting closer to finding out he’s the killer and decides to find another way of throwing them off—by framing Dan, which really started at the end of last week’s episode when he killed Pia.

Stephen’s way of covering up his tracks were logical but also too easy—he empties his freezer and dumps it in landfill where it’s destroyed, he just happens to find a stray hair from Bob’s head (which presents a continuity problem considering how meticulous he has been so far), and the search in Jim’s flat presents Stephen with the opportunity to both plant the hair in Dan’s freezer and the SIM card from Bob’s phone in the couch.

The fact that Dan had been planning on breaking up with Pia, went to her house and found the tooth on the floor and made the choice not to report it certainly didn’t help matters. Although Zoe and Dan’s discovery of Pia’s death by her body being pulled from a shark net from the ocean was well done and a great twist.

The episode ended with Dan being arrested for Stephen’s murder and while this happens, he covertly gives Pia’s tooth to Zoe, which he recovered at her home earlier. When Zoe finally unwraps the tooth in her car, she’s unsure what to think.

Overall, as a penultimate episode for the first season of a show with an uncertain future, I found it fell a little flat. While it was mostly solid, I feel that the writers are wrapping up the serial killer story arc too quickly, at the cost of continuity and flow. I’m looking forward to seeing the season finale and whether there will be a second season.

Doctor Doctor–Season 3, Episode 8 (Wet Weekends)

I’m going to continue reviewing the show character by character:

Ajax and Hugh—Ajax and Hugh spent the whole time fighting over the sale of Arcadia. The episode kicked off with Ajax shooting the For Sale sign with every other the member of the family overhearing the shots. Throughout the episode Ajax keeps talking about his dream involving Jim and the letters “CTW”. The “CTW” became a great running gag for the episode as Ajax came up with multiple interpretations as a justification for his actions, while Meryl had her own interpretation as a way to get Hugh to hurry up and sell Arcadia.

Their war comes to a head when Ajax realises that Hugh had fake buyers come by to distract him so Hugh can reach out to real viewers, which results in Ajax driving up to reprimand Hugh, forgetting to put the car’s park brake on and having to chase the car, with Jimmy inside, down the hill.

The CTW ultimately ends up meaning two things: “contest the will”, which Ajax does by the end of the episode, especially after the cemetery tender has been approved, and his solicitor’s name—Catherine Thomasina Walker. I’m looking forward to seeing how this plays out in the final two episodes of the season.

Matt and April—In this episode April is leaving for some unspecified reason, Matt is still grieving over Charlie leaving, and they eventually catch up with Kimberley and Hugh in the pub and end up drinking the night away. After hours of drinking, Matt and April come up with the not-so-bright idea of shooting at bottles, which leads to April dropping the gun and it going off, shooting her in the leg.

While the drinking was relatively boring and the shooting was alluded to in the promos, the interesting part of this subplot came afterwards when Matt visited April the day after and offered to help her pack up. They ended up reading through April’s childhood diary, which was hilarious and inevitably ended up kissing. Matt and April have great chemistry which provides a contrast to the state of Matt and Charlie’s relationship, especially when they talk over Skype and Charlie is choosing to remain in Bali despite having found Ivy’s mother.

As April’s reason for leaving is unspecified and whether she has left is yet to be made clear, the fate of Matt and April’s love story is still up in the air. I’m looking forward to finding out what it will be over the remaining two episodes of the season.

Penny, Raph and Floyd—Penny’s dating subplot was the highlight of the episode as it provided much needed comic relief from the Arcadia story arc. It started off with Penny going on a Country Connections date with Raph (Don Hany), which ends within a couple of minutes due to Raph being presumptuous and judging Penny’s parenting choices. While you’d think it would end there, their subplot expands when it’s revealed that a bully destroyed Floyd’s school project, and Penny takes Floyd to confront his bully, Tilly, only to find her father is Raph.

The tension evaporates between Penny and Raph after it’s revealed Tilly destroyed Floyd’s school project because he “gobbed” (apparently a form of spitting) on her shirt because he likes her. Penny forces Floyd to apologise, which he does through his adaptation of the “roses are red, violets are blue” poem. Not too long after the apology, Raph comes to the clinic to see her, after getting a fishing hook caught in his eyebrow while on a fishing trip with Tilly, to discuss her behaviour towards Floyd. It is then he asks her out again.

While Raph is clearly being inserted as a last ditch obstacle to keep the Hugh-Penny story arc interesting, he is a much more compelling character and realistic obstacle than Harriet and her pregnancy is.

Betty and Darren—Their blossoming romance was present throughout the episode but only in a few scenes. Towards the end of the episode, Betty sees Darren collecting money from someone in an alley, which he later counts in the clinic, and she thinks he’s taking a bribe. He tells her that he won it on a horse race, however she believes he’s corrupt and dumps him. While it has been hinted that Darren may or may not be corrupt, it is yet to be confirmed.

I’m hoping the romance between them isn’t over because I would like to see more of it before the season ends.


Overall this was a good but not great episode, to me it was a hit-and-miss filler. Hopefully the final two episodes of the season will be an improvement.



Stray Observations:

Dora sighting: Matt’s front yard.

-CTW was a great running gag and was interpreted in the following ways:

  • “Commence the War” (Ajax)
  • “Cease the War” (Meryl)
  • “Cease the Whining” (Ajax)
  • “Close the Way” (Ajax to Matt)

-Hayley had baby earmuffs for Jimmy as she was pulling clay pigeons for Ajax.

-Ajax sneaking up behind Hugh as he was Skyping with Harriet proves that he is secretly a ninja.

Best one liners and interactions:

  • “Daddy really hates that sign doesn’t he?” (Hayley to Jimmy)
  • “She’s definitely five star.” (Hugh to Meryl on Penny)
  • “If you see my mum tell her I’ve changed my mind on Penny’s five star rating!” (Hugh to Betty)
  • “Don’t overthink it Penny, just trust the algorithm.” (Meryl to Penny)
  • “The man bun left what a shock!” (Hugh to Harriet)
  • “Why are you always at the centre of trouble?” (Penny to Hugh)
  • “What’s the difference between being in love and being hate?” (Floyd to Hugh)
  • “I think your mum needs to check her algorithms.” (Penny to Hugh)
  • “I’m going to leave with happy memories and a really cool scar!” (April to Matt)
  • “No-one’s perfect, why you would want to be?” (Meryl to Betty)
  • “That’s 90 percent of what love is, living with their flaws.” (Meryl to Betty)
  • “Roses are red, violets are blue, I’m really sorry I gobbed on you” (Floyd to Tilly)

Playing For Keeps–Pilot

The TV Week 2018 Previews issue briefly described Playing for Keeps as a show that focuses on the off-the-field lives of Australian Rules Football wives and girlfriends (WAGs). This pilot established this premise perfectly–focusing specifically on five WAGs: Kath (Madeleine West), Maddy (Annie Maynard), Tahlia (Olympia Valance), Jessie (Isabella Giovinazzo) and Paige (Cece Peters). Since the show will be focusing specifically on five WAGs, I will be reviewing the show character by character.

Kath—Since the show kicks off with Kath, I’ll start with her. The pilot kicks off fulfilling the stereotypical cliche of showing her getting dressed, made-up and ready for the day, and then proceeds to throw the cliche out of the window by showing her doing an interview where she makes her feelings clear on the WAG term, where it’s revealed that she’s the wife of Southern Jets coach, Brian (Jeremy Lindsay Taylor). It’s also revealed that the Southern Jets were in the grand final in the previous year and lost by a single point, where the Brownlow Medallist, Jack Davies (James Mason) had a breakdown.

As the coach’s wife, Kath has taken on the role of the WAG matriarch.  She is friendly, supportive and looks after the other WAGs, specifically young newcomer, Paige. Kath is supportive to her fellow WAGs, Brian, and clearly has gained knowledge of AFL after years of being a WAG, and looks like she has the ideal marriage however the latter is revealed to be a lie. It is revealed that she sleeps with an escort on a regular basis and Brian is having an affair with Lauren (Miriama Smith), one of the club’s doctors. Whether their marriage is open or not isn’t entirely made clear.

Overall, I enjoyed the chemistry between West and Taylor, and I feel that their roles fit them like a glove.

Maddy—Maddy is a smart, stylish, successful lawyer and the wife of Travis (Kevin Hofbauer), a former player who is now on the Southern Jets coaching staff. Maddy takes an immediate liking to Paige, however unlike Kath she is not a WAG matriarch but imparts her own wisdom on to her.

The focus on Maddy was limited to her thinking that she is about to be offered partner at the firm she works at, which does happen, and her worry that she won’t be able to accept the position due to Travis coaching and the responsibility of taking care of their two children. When she comes home to tell Travis, he can be seen playing video games on his own and is obviously a manchild, and proposes to get their babysitter or his mother to assist with the kids but doesn’t offer any assistance himself, nevertheless he’s happy for her but whether he’ll continue to be supportive of her career and helpful at home remains to be seen.

Overall I like Maddy as a character and I’m looking forward to seeing more of her.

Jessie—I honestly felt that Jessie was underused and under developed in comparison to the other four WAGs. Jessie is the wife of Jack Davies, the current Brownlow Medallist, who have a small boy, J.J. together. Jessie also takes an immediate liking to Paige and is the one who informs her that Tahlia isn’t being mean to her but is testing her, as Tahlia also tested Jessie in the same way. Other than the fact that Jessie is clearly having an affair with Rusty (Ethan Panizza), not much else is revealed about her, but I’m looking forward to getting to know her over the rest of the season (no pun intended).

Tahlia—Tahlia is the most interesting out of the five WAGs at this point in time as she is the only one causing conflict. Tahlia is the girlfriend of the Southern Jets captain, Connor (Jackson Gallagher), and seems to be using Connor’s fame for her own benefit, in this episode, to launch her fragrance. Tahlia seems to dislike Paige, but it turns out that she’s testing her or doing a “risk assessment”. In her mind, she’s protecting Paige but how she thinks she is doing this and her overall goal isn’t made entirely clear. The fact that she is completely supportive of Maddy’s career seems to show that Jessie is being truthful to Paige when she reveals that Tahlia is testing her, however this remains to be seen, especially as hitting on Dan was part of the test.

After Connor announces their engagement at Brian’s barbecue, Tahlia quickly starts their wedding planning by registering for a licence and discovers that Connor was adopted, after finding two birth certificates for him. When she confides in Kath about it, she reveals that she knew as she was there when Connor joined the club, which put the theory in my mind that Kath is his biological mother. I’m looking forward to finding out who Connor’s mother is and seeing this mystery played out, as well as seeing Tahlia develop into (hopefully) a more likeable character, over the course of the season.

Paige—Paige is the newest WAG as she moves from a country town to Melbourne to be with her boyfriend, Dan (George Pullar), the Southern Jets’ newest recruit. Throughout the episode, the majority of the focus is on Paige’s entry into the WAG world and the writers drive this point home with the emphasis on Dan’s and Paige’s country town innocence and its contrast with the glamorous, fast-paced AFL, City and WAG world.

Paige is a likeable character from the get go, from bringing a cooler bag to a non-barbecue, to mistaking the club’s president for a waiter, to accidentally name dropping Dan to get a job, and confronting Tahlia at the end of the episode, Paige pulls off being simultaneously awkward and fearless.

Paige and Dan’s relationship is adorable and solid, which is a great contrast to Brian and Kath’s relationship. From being simultaneously surprised at their glamorous apartment, to Dan giving Paige his credit card to help her out, to Paige reassuring Dan before going to Brian’s barbecue. However I imagine trouble will brew in it down the road.

Overall I’m looking forward to seeing Paige navigating the WAG world over the course of the season.

The Southern Jets club—While the show is meant to be about the WAGs, it doesn’t completely revolve around them. Due to their losing the previous year’s grand final by one point and Jack having a break down, Brian is working his and the club’s arses off to make sure it never happens again. One fateful way he does this is by sending the boys back to camp again, where Rusty and Jack fight and as a result Brian pairs them up for a training challenge, which leads to Jack’s mysterious death.

It’s revealed in a news report that Rusty pulled Jack from the water and tried to revive him. The mystery of Jack’s death will be the story arc of the season, which I’m looking forward to seeing unfold, especially as Rusty is a prime suspect as he certainly had motive.


Overall, with the interactions between the multi-layered and complex WAGs, the mystery of Jack’s death and Connor’s adoption, and the humorous moments, this was one of the best pilots I’ve ever seen. I’m looking forward to reviewing the rest of the season.


Stray Observations:

-Dan burying his face into Paige’s shoulder while keeping her eyes closed, so they could have a first look at their new apartment together was too adorable.

-Apparently the WAGs have a technique to having the perfect picture taken: three-quarter turn, shoulders back, head over the fence and saying the word “prune”. I think I might try that technique next time I have my picture taken and see if it works for me.

-Apparently Connor’s mother gave Tahlia a “Feminism for Dummies” book for her birthday.

-Apparently Tahlia kissed a boy for lunch money and her stepdad kicked her out of home when she was 16.


Best one liners and interactions:

  • “When you’re exhausted in your 20s, you look the same in your 40s.” (Kath to a journalist about her appearance)
  • “Don’t let her talk” “what in general?” (Southern Jets staff member–Dan, on whether Dan has a girlfriend)
  • “There’s three people in the relationship: You, Dan and the Sherrin.” (Kath to Paige)
  • “Is colonics the one where..” “yep that’s the one” “yeah I don’t want to do that!” “Great, we’ve got that settled then.” (Paige-Jessie-Paige-Kath)
  • “She’s definitely a 10….a Country Road 10” (Tahlia to Kath on guessing Paige’s dress size)

Street Smart–Season 1, Episode 6

This episode was a unique one as actually nothing went wrong with the gang’s plan.

The episode kicked off with Trans and one of her employees giving Vincent (Robert Mammone) and Vito (JR Laveta) a pedicure. Whilst they are having their pedicure, they overhear Steve talking to Hung about his latest scheme—“the sushi train job”. The sushi train job involves them taking gold plates off a sushi train, cleaning the food off it, spray painting them blue, and putting them back on the trolley. Interestingly, this idea is a robbery rather than a get rich quick scheme, and Vincent overhears Steve call it “the great train robbery” and thinks Steve is planning a major robbery and the chaos kicks off from there.

Vincent and Vito show up at Steve’s garage and want to find out more about the “great train robbery” and Steve lets them be a part of the gang, but they have to be inducted first. This is the first episode where we see how the gang induct members—wearing robes that look like they were a rip off of The Handmaid’s Tale, a 3-legged race, playing Helping Hands, sticking a hand in slime, and hitting a pinata (with the lollies inside being the initiation feast).

After the initiation, the gang took off to do the job and Vince’s shock at finding out that the great train robbery wasn’t so great was hilarious. Vincent’s reaction was typical of a criminal and because Joseph called and asked for back-up, the police were able to arrest him and Joseph could finally ticket him.

Meanwhile, Raj says he wants out of the gang again as his Uber rating has gone down due to his car apparently smelling bad, after Vincent is arrested it’s revealed Steve kept fish heads in the boot of Raj’s car, but Raj forgives Steve when he gives him the keys to Vincent’s car, which he gave Steve earlier. Three days later, Raj arrives in Vincent’s car to pick up Vincent and Vito.

Overall this was a solid episode as the gang were doing something different, nothing went wrong at their own hand, and everything interweaved well, especially at the end of the episode.


Stray Observations:

-There was a lot of character development with Raj in this episode: apparently he drove through a Woolworths, he was a “Maid Guy”, he’s from Adelaide, and his last job was at a 7-Eleven.

-Joseph has no qualms about ticketing his own mother.

-Both Joseph and Steve tripped over the gutter, I wonder if it’s a family trait.

-Steve believed that Vincent was asking him whether he’s beaten a cop at games rather than actually physically beaten him. That’s so Steve.

-Vincent refers to Steve as Grant Denyer.

-Steve’s dad was mistaken by Vincent for a killer and he just casually goes with it.

-Apparently there are parking inspector magazines out there in the world and the titles are awesome! (Modern Parking Inspector, Infringement Quarterly, and Booked and Ticketed)

-When Joseph’s in a bind he asks himself “What Would Batman Do?”


Best one liners:

  • “There’s no D in Bentley” (Tia to Joseph as he’s writing the ticket for Vincent’s car)
  • “There’s only one tool more perfect and that’s me!” (Joseph to Tia)
  • “It was a nine hour labour in a two hour zone, she deserved everything she got.” (Joseph to Tia on ticketing a woman whilst she was giving birth)
  • “I’ve got three kids under five, I hate pinatas!” (Vincent)
  • “Snitches get stitches” (Vincent)
  • “Synchronise watches and/or iPhones…or Androids” (Steve to the gang)
  • “It’s a big code, it’s a Word document, I keep adding to it.” (Steve to Vincent on the gang’s varying code)
  • “Brevity is the soul of wit” (Vito to Vincent)



Bite Club–Season 1, Episode 6

I’m going to continue reviewing Bite Club character by character.

Case of the week—The episode kicks off with the case of the week by immediately showing the viewers the dead body of Simon Keynes floating in a pool. The murder weapon, a bloody rock, along with Simon’s phone are found straight away and the team go from there. Zoe and Dan notify Simon’s girlfriend, Olivia, who apologies to him whilst making the formal ID.

The eventual reveal of Olivia acting as Simon’s girlfriend to hide the fact that he was gay from his parents and that he was dating a closeted solicitor, John Martinotti, wasn’t all that surprising, however what was surprising was Martinotti’s suicide later in the episode. It added a nice twist to an otherwise predictable case, as Martinotti’s wife, Tricia, was revealed as Simon’s killer. The reveal of Tricia as the murderer wasn’t all that surprising either, but what made the reveal interesting was that Tricia killed Simon as she wanted to keep living the lie with Simon, when most people would want out of that situation.

Zoe and Dan—Zoe reveals to Dan and the rest of the team that her and Kristoff are going to Bora Bora to get married as well as go on their holiday. I felt like their interactions throughout the episode were awkward and forced until the moment Dan shows up at Zoe’s place and finally tells her how he really feels and they end up passionately kissing, until Kate interrupts them. Really, their interactions are no different to the previous episodes, however the exception is that Zoe admits to Kristof that she kissed Dan and he breaks up with her.

Stephen—The team make progress on the serial killer case when Claire discovers that Melody Gibbs and another victim went to the same rehab centre. Melody was being stalked at the time and her doctor at one point got a glimpse at him before transferring and then being killed in a hit-and-run. Of course it was revealed that Stephen was Melody’s stalker and that he would try to get rid of the doctor’s records, although interestingly he hid rather than destroyed the records and I wonder if this will bite him in the arse later on.

What was interesting about Stephen in this episode was that he was avoiding Kate’s calls and ambushes her and orders her to stop calling him. Why he is treating her this way and why Kate didn’t say anything to Zoe and Dan isn’t addressed or made clear.

Meanwhile he is also still following Amber, this time following her and Dan around. The episode ends with Stephen showing up at Pia’s place and ambushing her, strangling her whilst pushing her into her house. He’s obviously killed her but the final moments of the episode didn’t make this clear. I think killing someone close to Dan is going to be his downfall and it will be interesting to see this played out in the next episode.

Anna and Jim—There wasn’t much focus on Anna and Jim other than Martinotti’s explanation of why he kept his relationship with Simon a secret resonating with them, and Anna telling Jim later on that he should work things out with his wife.


Overall this was a good but not great episode with a predictable case of the week, but with solid progression on the serial killer case and character development on Stephen.