Doctor Doctor–Season 3, Episode 4 (Runaway Baby)

I was very critical of last week’s episode as I felt the writers dropped the ball, with this week’s episode I felt the writers got back on track with the original plan for this season. For this episode, I’ll be doing a character by character review.

Meryl—This week the promo revolved around Meryl and Carlito apparently dating. Of course they weren’t, but I found Meryl’s choice to not deny Matt’s and Ajax’s conclusions hilarious, especially as they were obviously overreacting. Ultimately, Carlito did hit on Meryl and she rejected him. Although Meryl featured briefly, I did enjoy the final moments of the episode where Matt, Hugh and Ajax, as well as the audience, are led to believe that Meryl is dating three men at once, only for her to reveal she’s set up a matchmaking service so the locals can find their match like she found hers. I found this reveal very poignant as it shows that although she is grieving, she’s starting to move forward, perhaps at a slightly faster pace than her sons.

Hugh, Penny and the hospital crew—Instead of the hospital drama focusing on a medical emergency it focused on the cardiac clinic. Hugh is trying to live stream a procedure for the clinic’s investors to see only for Matt and Penny to interrupt with Meryl drama and the wombat respectively. While Matt’s interruption doesn’t really cause a problem, Penny’s one does as it leads to the live stream going viral. While it has negative effects at first, it does help the clinic in the long run as the investors enjoyed the publicity. I enjoyed the scenes with Bunker as it was nice to see Penny’s softer side and it provided some great gags throughout the episode.

Matt, Ajax and Carlito—Matt and Ajax are still dealing with their grief and are taking it out on Carlito as they believe he is taking advantage of Meryl. Although Ajax doesn’t handle it as well as Matt as he gets into a scrape with Carlito, like Meryl, they both start to move on slowly as Matt finally admits he misses Jim. Hopefully the season will move forward now and not focus on everyone’s grief as much.

Charlie and Ivy–The Charlie and Matt baby issues were put on hold as Charlie’s focus was re-directed to Ivy. Charlie sees Ivy crying and wandering on her own around the farm, which culminates in Charlie finding Ivy unconscious due to alcohol poisoning. After this Ivy reveals to Charlie that her mother was in Bali and not on the Gold Coast like she initially thought. After this Charlie allows Carlito and Ivy to stay for two more weeks and then to go off and find Ivy’s mother. Although this subplot provided a bit of more of an insight into Ivy, she’s still an underwhelming character as she hasn’t been fully developed.

April—This episode introduced April (Miranda Tapsell) who is an old school mate of Hugh’s and Matt’s and was an old high school crush of the latter. April appears briefly and her desire to have children is touched upon but is not fully addressed. I watched an official Doctor Doctor video on YouTube where Miranda Tapsell described her character and by the looks of it, she’s going to present as a future source of conflict between Matt and Charlie, especially as her and Matt want children. I’m looking forward to seeing this conflict eventually present itself and be played out.

Hayley—Hayley only appeared briefly, breastfeeding Jimmy and discovering Ajax’s wrist injury. She seems to be recovering well and her bond with Jimmy is growing.


Overall this episode was a major improvement to last week and I hope the writers stay on track.


Stray Observations:

-Dora sighting: On the farm near an unconscious Ivy, maybe this was Dora’s way of protecting her until she was found by the family.

-There were a lot of full body shots of a very pregnant Nicole da Silva, it seemed like the crew didn’t care about hiding it during production of this episode.


-Ken calls Mia “Mi-Moo”.

-Mia worked in Austria and is fluent in German as a result.

-We never found out who came up with Bunker for the wombat’s name.

Best one liners and interactions:

Like last week’s episode, this one also had some great interactions as well as one liners.

  • “Only dad”, “rookie dad” (Ajax-Hugh)
  • “Sexy press wheel” (April)
  • “Google got me through the first six months of being a GP here” (Hugh on the phone to Matt)
  • “You’re under arrest for being sexy!” (a drunk Matt to Charlie when Darren drops him home)
  • “Did you drive here? You’re drunk too!” “Yeah but I know where all the RBTs are.” (Charlie-Darren)
  • “They loved me, really loved me!” “OK Sally Field.” (Hugh-Penny on the Skype meeting with the clinic’s investors)
  • “They only want the sexy ginger and the incontinent wombat” (Ken to Hugh on why The Breakfast Show wants to interview Penny).
  • “She’s covered every generation!” (Matt to Hugh and Ajax on the three men Meryl was apparently dating)



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