Street Smart–Season 1, Episode 3

This week’s episode was unique as Steve’s idea didn’t come to him straight away and was pretty much handed to him on a silver platter or rather a rare black and gold bowl.

The episode kicked off with the gang having a garage sale to try and make money, interestingly it was a legitimate way to make some money but alas it wasn’t the riches they were expecting. A few days later, Steve watches the news with his parents to find that a bowl sold for four dollars was apparently rare, is worth $1 million and is about to be sold at an auction. This provides Steve with his “light bulb” moment to retrieve the bowl from the auction house, sell it and make the profit for himself.

Steve’s “light bulb” moment is to retrieve the bowl Mission Impossible style. Of course the idea and the goal is unrealistic but surprisingly he pulls it off, albeit with a little wire hiccup. However the inevitable moment of failure arrived with Joseph’s mother pointing out the bowl wasn’t hers, so of course the gang have to take it back to the auction house without getting caught. Hung’s idea to hide the bowl in boxes of food from Trans’ business was genius, and again they pulled it off.

Overall I enjoyed the fact that while the gang’s idea and goal were unrealistic as usual, they actually briefly pulled it off and when they realised their mistake they actually managed to make things right without getting caught. While they didn’t get rich quick and their idea and goal were unrealistic, their techniques seem to be improving or at least they did in this episode, not to mention the gang, despite their intentions, aren’t completely lacking a moral compass.

Meanwhile Joseph thinks he has been chosen by ASIO, only to find he won an essay competition for children. While his essay subject was fascinating, his first clue should have been when he arrived and saw young Lucy. I enjoyed the scenes with Joseph, Lucy and “Agent Smith”, they reminded me of school where the smartest and most arrogant kid always knows the answers and likes to show off, which everyone would find annoying. These scenes broke up the episode well and provided an opportunity for the A story and this B story to merge when ASIO were asked to help with the investigation of the stolen bowl.

Overall I enjoyed this episode especially with the changes of how Steve’s idea was given to him, the gang not pulling off their goal but also not getting caught, and Joseph never actually interacting with the gang. What was also noticeable was the brief appearance of Tia and the complete absence and lack of mention of Trans. I’m hoping she was busy in this episode and she’s not being written out and I’m also hoping that Tia is going to be utilised more in future episodes.


Stray Observations:

-Apparently ASIO found Joseph’s essay both illuminating and disturbing.

-Apparently Steve’s face is just like a neanderthal’s.

-Steve’s way of splitting the prospective profits of selling the bowl were surprisingly fair–50% to his parents because it’s their bowl, 25% for himself because it was his idea and the other 25% for his gang as they are helping him.

Best one liners and interactions:

  • “Washing cash” “machine or hand?” (Steve-Shane when talking about laundering money)
  • “I’m your superior I choose the music!” (Joseph on the phone to Tia)
  • “Take that wrinkles!” (Joseph when ironing his shirt)
  • “My mum won’t let me do paleo” (Steve)
  • “This isn’t Mission Impossible it’s mission imbecile!” (Raj)
  • “Is it ‘bring a kid and her strange friend to work day’ at ASIO?” (Detective Debney to “Agent Smith”)


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