Doctor Doctor–Season 3, Episode 5 (When We Collide)

Per last week, I’ll be reviewing this episode character by character.

Charlie, Matt and Ivy—The majority of the episode focused on them so I’ll start the review on them. Despite Charlie giving Carlito two more weeks to stay, he ups and leaves early in the morning but not before being caught in the act by Matt. After this the majority of the episode focuses on Charlie and Matt (but mostly Charlie) dealing with Ivy’s acting out—first by stealing a ute and driving off after Charlie takes Ivy with her to school, when she tries to leave town on a bus, and later when she makes a cake filled with pot for Matt and Charlie. This subplot provided more of an insight into Charlie and Carlito’s obviously strained and one-sided relationship as Charlie admits to Matt that she’s helping Ivy as she sees a lot of herself in her. Charlie’s choice to finally stand up to him at the end of the episode over the phone was satisfying.

Ajax, Hayley and Meryl—Ajax and Hayley are finally back at home with little Jimmy. Their subplot kicks off with them arriving home, along with Meryl. Meryl immediately provides unsolicited parenting advice and Ajax and Hayley obviously want time to themselves, which insults Meryl. While you think at first it’s going to be a subplot that involves Meryl constantly providing unsolicited and borderline insulting parenting advice to Ajax and Hayley, the writers turned this cliche on its head by reversing it with Ajax and Hayley clearly struggling but unwilling to admit defeat, and Meryl struggling to hold herself back. This subplot ends on a high note with Ajax and Hayley finally admitting defeat but without Meryl giving in, providing them with a solid parenting secret, and moving forward with her life.

Hugh, Penny, Lucas, and the hospital crew—In all honesty I really didn’t enjoy this subplot. This subplot basically revolved around Penny acting like a high school girl by hitting on Lucas in an attempt to make Hugh jealous. I felt that it was contrived and immature. At the end of the episode Hugh “breaks up” with Penny as he can’t juggle Harriet and the baby, and her. Again this is another obstacle to keep them apart and they will obviously get back together at some point, as this is crucial to the love story, but I feel the obstacles are becoming more and more contrived as the show continues.


Overall this was a good but not great episode.


Stray Observations:

-Dora sighting: Alongside Ivy again.

Best one liners and interactions:

  • “As in Harriet who spiked my drink with dental sedatives and spent my money on novelty hats?” (Lucas describing Harriet to Hugh)
  • “Look at me accosting an anaesthetised man!” (Penny to Hugh about hitting on Lucas in an attempt to make him jealous)
  • “Was the house always this bright? Why do we live here?” (a pot-hungover Matt to Charlie)
  • “All children are ungrateful judgemental beasts.” (Meryl to a struggling Ajax and Hayley)


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