Street Smart–Season 1, Episode 4

In my last review, I pointed out that Trans didn’t appear and I was worried that she was going to be written out. With this episode, I happily ate my words as not only did she reappear but she was at the centre of the episode.

Steve’s idea for this week was a pop up nightclub in Trans’ pork roll bar and nail salon, as she is going to be away at the International Banh Mi Masters Conference. Hearing that she was going to be away at a conference made me briefly worry that she wasn’t going to appear, but luckily my worries were put to rest quickly.

This episode provides more of an insight into Trans as a business woman—she is a Banh Mi master and her pork rolls have won four trophies, and her secret ingredient is pickled carrot. Like the gang, she has her own inevitable moment of failure when she unpacks her supplies in the conference venue’s kitchen and realises she has forgotten her pickled carrot and has to drive back to the bar/salon to get it.

While Trans is away at her conference, the gang quickly set up, hire a bouncer and open the “My Wife is Going to Kill Me” pop-up nightclub. As usual, the gang enjoy brief success, managing to keep Joseph out for as long as they can before he manages to get in dressed as a woman, before the inevitable moment of failure which isn’t technically a failure but still leads to the downfall of the nightclub—Trans returning.

For me the highlight of the episode was Trans’ return to the salon—she quietly sneaks in, scratches her nails across a chalkboard to get everyone’s attention, and calmly tells everyone they’re in big trouble and asks her signature question “you understand?” in an angry but calm voice, which makes her even scarier than usual. The fact that she scares the bikie gang members and gets them to help with cleaning her salon makes it even funnier.

The scenes with Joseph and Tia—patrolling on their day off and trying to get into the nightclub—were amusing but not strong, their characters’ chemistry needs a little refinement,

Overall this was a solid episode, especially with the gang’s realistic-ish business idea and Trans’ character development.



Stray Observations:

-The Street Smart gang has a constitution.

-When Joseph tackled the owner of the car he was ticketing, I couldn’t help but wonder whether real-life parking officers have ever fantasised about doing this.

-The gang somehow got their car back from the criminal who stole it in the pilot.

-Joseph does a victory dance when he manages to ticket drivers before they get back to their car.

-Steve made a lot of Trump references, I wonder if Steve really was pro-Trump or just liked the “Make America Great Again” catch phrase.

Best one liners and interactions:

  • “Trans is going to a conference tomorrow and she needs me at home tonight…to yell at.” (Hung)
  • “AUS! AUS!” (Shane to Steve chanting AUS in the same manner that Americans chant “USA!”)
  • “I promise to make Street Smart great again!” (Steve to the gang)
  • “Tia! Law breakers don’t sleep!” (Joseph on why they are patrolling again after patrolling on their day off)


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