Bite Club–Season 1, Episode 2

In all honesty, this episode was a let down.

In my review of the pilot, I said that the case of the week was a little too boring as the perp was obvious. This week’s case—-a man (Seth) being followed home after a night out and being stabbed to death—-wasn’t as obvious, but unfortunately when the murderer was revealed, so to was my disappointment, as the writers went too far in the other direction.

By investigating Seth’s online dating life, they find their first obvious suspect—-Marie Connors (Jacinta Stapleton). While Stapleton portrayed the unstable woman perfectly, I felt that the writing of Marie was a little inconsistent, although you could argue that someone who is mentally unstable would behave inconsistently, so I’ll give it a pass.

While Marie eventually reveals that she contacted the violent husband (Carl Jackson) to inform him of his wife’s (Anita) affair with Seth, it turns out Carl didn’t kill him, but it was some random man (Warren Adams) with blood lust that followed him home and wanted to know what it would feel like to kill someone.

The writers’ choice for the murderer not to be one or both of the two obvious suspects that they decided to focus most of the episode on, and instead pick some random man, was a huge disappointment for me. They built up Marie and Carl and yet the random murderer came out of absolutely nowhere. I questioned whether Zoe pointing all of this out to Dan was an inside joke or whether she genuinely as a character felt that way, I’d say it was the latter.

Meanwhile, in the background of the case of the week, Zoe considers transferring to a job in Canberra with the Feds, which Kristof points out that she’s doing because Dan has returned. Other than telling Jim and Dan, both of whom remark that they’d rather be dead than work for the Feds, it’s barely addressed until the end of the episode where Dan asks for her help in solving the serial killer case. Zoe hasn’t changed her mind yet but she also didn’t give Dan an answer.

Also in the background is Stephen stalking Amber—-taking pictures of her at an aquarium photo shoot, “helping” her find a unit to live in and throwing a plant across the room when she rejects his offer, and culminating in him stalking and kill Bob, a man who has been trolling her online. Much like Marie, Stephen as a character is all over the place but then again an unstable person usually is, but considering that he is the centre of the story arc, I can’t give it a pass. I know his reasons for becoming a killer will eventually be revealed, because they aren’t revealed yet, I can’t help but see Stephen as an inconsistent character and killer. That being said Monaghan’s performance was on point.

Overall this episode was disappointing as the murderer in the case of the week was too random and some of the characters are inconsistent. Hopefully these issues will resolve themselves with time.



Stray Observations:

-Dan’s shark attack injuries are explored a little further with the reveal of the massive scar across his shoulder.

-Anna is dating Jim, I wonder if this will cause problems down the track.

-Claire asked for Stephen’s help with rescuing a dog from the animal shelter, however it’s never revealed if she actually follows through.

-The man who Claire noticed standing on rocks whilst swimming in the previous episode is revealed to be Dan.

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