Bite Club–Season 1, Episode 4

As I watching this episode, I felt it was best to do the review of it character by character.

Zoe and Dan—Zoe and Dan are investigating the rape and murder of Chelsea Willis, a woman who was set upon while on her evening jog. The case was interesting in more ways than one—both of the previous victims, Charmaine and Yuki, react differently to their attacks as Charmaine has chosen to reinvent her life and refuse to be victimised again whilst Yuki is afraid to live her life. Also, in the process of interviewing Charmaine and Yuki, Zoe and Dan discover that there are two perps, which is confirmed when a man matching Charmaine’s description is caught on CCTV using Chelsea’s credit card.

Another interesting aspect of it was the white van used in the attacks abandoned with evidence and one of the perp’s (Vincent) wallet and ID, and while Stephen and Jim are off investigating, the second perp, (Dean) attacks Claire and almost kills her, which Stephen witnesses without intervening until Jim does. Later Stephen brings her sunflowers and almost smothers her whilst she’s sleeping, but I’ll get to this later.

When Vincent is kidnapped and Chelsea’s husband is initially suspected, watching the live feed of Vincent being beaten reveals to Charmaine being the kidnapper and admitting that she hasn’t moved forward as much as she made out. To diffuse the situation, Zoe opens up to Charmaine about the fact that she isn’t as okay as she makes out and she’s still dealing with her trauma while Kristof, Jim and Anna watch the live feed. Overall the case of the week was interesting, and the kidnapper was a good perp as they weren’t obvious, random or predictable.

On a personal front, Zoe has accepted Kristof’s proposal, she agrees to share custody of Mickey with Dan and she ends up kissing him and then leaving. Clearly she’s not going to marry Kristof and her and Dan will get back together, the only question is how long the writers will drag this inevitable conclusion out.

Stephen—Stephen is all over the shop in this episode, firstly with watching Amber during her immersion therapy, then disposing of Bob down a drain, then witnessing Claire being attacked, then bringing her flowers and almost smother her whilst she’s sleeping, and then reporting Bob’s body to police on a burner phone.

In the midst of all of this, he arrogantly believes that he will become a homicide detective, to the point where he gently lets Claire down because it would be awkward for them to date and work together. When his arrogance his shot down by the news from Anna that his application has been put on hold, his anger intensifies. Who he will take it out on in the next episode hasn’t been revealed, although it will most likely be Anna. As I said Stephen is all over the shop and when he went to smother Claire, I questioned whether he just has a killing compulsion as it would explain why his MO’s and victims are random. Whether I’m right or not will be revealed in time.

Amber—Not much to report on the Amber front other than continuing to be stalked by Stephen but remaining oblivious to it. One interesting moment was convincing Zoe to do immersion therapy with her, especially after Zoe told her how she managed to overcome her trauma enough to go back into the ocean and Dan refused to.


Overall this was a solid episode as the case of the week had good but not excessive twists and turns, and Stephen is being developed further as a character.


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