Bite Club–Season 1, Episode 6

I’m going to continue reviewing Bite Club character by character.

Case of the week—The episode kicks off with the case of the week by immediately showing the viewers the dead body of Simon Keynes floating in a pool. The murder weapon, a bloody rock, along with Simon’s phone are found straight away and the team go from there. Zoe and Dan notify Simon’s girlfriend, Olivia, who apologies to him whilst making the formal ID.

The eventual reveal of Olivia acting as Simon’s girlfriend to hide the fact that he was gay from his parents and that he was dating a closeted solicitor, John Martinotti, wasn’t all that surprising, however what was surprising was Martinotti’s suicide later in the episode. It added a nice twist to an otherwise predictable case, as Martinotti’s wife, Tricia, was revealed as Simon’s killer. The reveal of Tricia as the murderer wasn’t all that surprising either, but what made the reveal interesting was that Tricia killed Simon as she wanted to keep living the lie with Simon, when most people would want out of that situation.

Zoe and Dan—Zoe reveals to Dan and the rest of the team that her and Kristoff are going to Bora Bora to get married as well as go on their holiday. I felt like their interactions throughout the episode were awkward and forced until the moment Dan shows up at Zoe’s place and finally tells her how he really feels and they end up passionately kissing, until Kate interrupts them. Really, their interactions are no different to the previous episodes, however the exception is that Zoe admits to Kristof that she kissed Dan and he breaks up with her.

Stephen—The team make progress on the serial killer case when Claire discovers that Melody Gibbs and another victim went to the same rehab centre. Melody was being stalked at the time and her doctor at one point got a glimpse at him before transferring and then being killed in a hit-and-run. Of course it was revealed that Stephen was Melody’s stalker and that he would try to get rid of the doctor’s records, although interestingly he hid rather than destroyed the records and I wonder if this will bite him in the arse later on.

What was interesting about Stephen in this episode was that he was avoiding Kate’s calls and ambushes her and orders her to stop calling him. Why he is treating her this way and why Kate didn’t say anything to Zoe and Dan isn’t addressed or made clear.

Meanwhile he is also still following Amber, this time following her and Dan around. The episode ends with Stephen showing up at Pia’s place and ambushing her, strangling her whilst pushing her into her house. He’s obviously killed her but the final moments of the episode didn’t make this clear. I think killing someone close to Dan is going to be his downfall and it will be interesting to see this played out in the next episode.

Anna and Jim—There wasn’t much focus on Anna and Jim other than Martinotti’s explanation of why he kept his relationship with Simon a secret resonating with them, and Anna telling Jim later on that he should work things out with his wife.


Overall this was a good but not great episode with a predictable case of the week, but with solid progression on the serial killer case and character development on Stephen.


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