Street Smart–Season 1, Episode 6

This episode was a unique one as actually nothing went wrong with the gang’s plan.

The episode kicked off with Trans and one of her employees giving Vincent (Robert Mammone) and Vito (JR Laveta) a pedicure. Whilst they are having their pedicure, they overhear Steve talking to Hung about his latest scheme—“the sushi train job”. The sushi train job involves them taking gold plates off a sushi train, cleaning the food off it, spray painting them blue, and putting them back on the trolley. Interestingly, this idea is a robbery rather than a get rich quick scheme, and Vincent overhears Steve call it “the great train robbery” and thinks Steve is planning a major robbery and the chaos kicks off from there.

Vincent and Vito show up at Steve’s garage and want to find out more about the “great train robbery” and Steve lets them be a part of the gang, but they have to be inducted first. This is the first episode where we see how the gang induct members—wearing robes that look like they were a rip off of The Handmaid’s Tale, a 3-legged race, playing Helping Hands, sticking a hand in slime, and hitting a pinata (with the lollies inside being the initiation feast).

After the initiation, the gang took off to do the job and Vince’s shock at finding out that the great train robbery wasn’t so great was hilarious. Vincent’s reaction was typical of a criminal and because Joseph called and asked for back-up, the police were able to arrest him and Joseph could finally ticket him.

Meanwhile, Raj says he wants out of the gang again as his Uber rating has gone down due to his car apparently smelling bad, after Vincent is arrested it’s revealed Steve kept fish heads in the boot of Raj’s car, but Raj forgives Steve when he gives him the keys to Vincent’s car, which he gave Steve earlier. Three days later, Raj arrives in Vincent’s car to pick up Vincent and Vito.

Overall this was a solid episode as the gang were doing something different, nothing went wrong at their own hand, and everything interweaved well, especially at the end of the episode.


Stray Observations:

-There was a lot of character development with Raj in this episode: apparently he drove through a Woolworths, he was a “Maid Guy”, he’s from Adelaide, and his last job was at a 7-Eleven.

-Joseph has no qualms about ticketing his own mother.

-Both Joseph and Steve tripped over the gutter, I wonder if it’s a family trait.

-Steve believed that Vincent was asking him whether he’s beaten a cop at games rather than actually physically beaten him. That’s so Steve.

-Vincent refers to Steve as Grant Denyer.

-Steve’s dad was mistaken by Vincent for a killer and he just casually goes with it.

-Apparently there are parking inspector magazines out there in the world and the titles are awesome! (Modern Parking Inspector, Infringement Quarterly, and Booked and Ticketed)

-When Joseph’s in a bind he asks himself “What Would Batman Do?”


Best one liners:

  • “There’s no D in Bentley” (Tia to Joseph as he’s writing the ticket for Vincent’s car)
  • “There’s only one tool more perfect and that’s me!” (Joseph to Tia)
  • “It was a nine hour labour in a two hour zone, she deserved everything she got.” (Joseph to Tia on ticketing a woman whilst she was giving birth)
  • “I’ve got three kids under five, I hate pinatas!” (Vincent)
  • “Snitches get stitches” (Vincent)
  • “Synchronise watches and/or iPhones…or Androids” (Steve to the gang)
  • “It’s a big code, it’s a Word document, I keep adding to it.” (Steve to Vincent on the gang’s varying code)
  • “Brevity is the soul of wit” (Vito to Vincent)



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