Street Smart–Season 1, Episode 7

I found that this episode was symmetrical in a lot of ways.

The gang’s scheme for this week comes from Hung to steal the money that’s deposited in shopping trolleys at the mall. Raj tries to tell them the obvious reason why this scheme wouldn’t work but keeps getting interrupted.

The gang wait for the trolley guys at the mall to go on their lunch break and successfully steal the collected trolleys and rush them to Steve’s garage. However Raj finally gets to tell them that they failed to realise that there’s no money in collected trolleys, and Steve discovers that they have been caught and are on the news.

The gang manage to take the trolleys back to the shop, but not before a dramatic chase and fight between Joseph and Steve. The gang end up making $2 when someone returning their trolley mistakes them for employees and forgets to take their coin back. However Trans takes it away from them as Steve used the electric toilet brushes she’s trying to sell, to fight off Joseph. This is shortly after, despite the gang’s intentions, Joseph is arrested as he committed a crime, but unlike the gang didn’t try to resolve it.

Meanwhile, Joseph and Steve like the same girl who lives in their street, Amber, and their mothers force them to have lunch together, where Joseph and Steve’s long running rivalry is revealed through flashbacks to their childhood, which were hilarious.

I mentioned this episode was symmetrical—it’s symmetrical in that Marie, Zena and Trans witness the gang stealing and then returning the trolleys, and the gang stopped for ice-creams both on their way to their house and back to the mall. This episode actually marks the first time that Marie, Zena and Trans witness their shenanigans.

Overall this was a well structured episode, although I felt a couple of the jokes fell flat (especially the jokes involving the Shane and the electric toilet brush, and Joseph magically appearing on the bridge during the chase).


Stray Observations:

-The gang do financial reports and pay taxes, despite being criminals they take their financial and social responsibilities seriously.

-Grant Denyer made a cameo as a police officer.

-Despite being a trainee parking officer, Tia’s car was impounded because she has too many unpaid parking fines for parking across her driveway.


Best one liners:

  • “What sort of criminal gang pays tax?” (Raj to Steve)
  • “Go ahead, make my quota!” (Joseph)
  • “I’m disappointed you didn’t impound the car yourself!” (Joseph to Tia on her car being impounded because of her unpaid parking fines)
  • “This isn’t Street Smart, this is a dumb dumb club!” (Trans to Hung)



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