Doctor Doctor–Season 3, Episode 9 (Suspicious Minds)

I’ll be reviewing this episode character by character.

Hugh, Meryl, Ajax and Hayley—The episode kicks off with Hayley running on the farm and tripping over a hole, Meryl looking at houses for herself, and Rod revealing that his enterprises bought the farm and offering Meryl the chance to stay at the homestead for cheap rent and sexual favours. Meryl refuses and tries to find another way to prevent the move, especially as it’s revealed Rod is turning the farm into a mine. Hugh gives her the idea when he tells her that Rod still has 24 hours left in his cooling off period.

Ultimately the way that they managed to get the farm back didn’t surprise me—blackmailing Rod and Whyhope’s mayor. It was true to Meryl’s character and was the most realistic solution given the circumstances.

Hugh and Ken—Whilst Hugh was in the middle of dealing with the farm sale, he also had hospital drama to contend with when a mysterious man asks for help, only to tell him and Ken to get into an empty van where he’ll take him to the medical emergency.

It’s revealed that this mystery man’s son is barely conscious due to a snake bite. His arguments with Hugh on not taking his son to the hospital were frustrating and not to mention completely selfish, the empathy for this character can go either way once he reveals he accidentally killed someone in a hit-and-run. For me personally, I actually found his character more infuriating once he revealed this as to me it proved how selfish he was—-he’d rather deny his son medical help then face the consequences of his own actions.

I found the mystery man and Ken’s interactions when they were trying to stay away from the snake in the barn hilarious, and the mystery man’s son’s allergic reaction to the anti-venom another frustrating but realistic element to this subplot.

I felt this subplot reached a natural conclusion when the mystery man showed up at the hospital to be with his son and ended up surrendering peacefully.

Raph and Penny—I found their subplot provided much needed comic relief from the farm story arc and the Hugh-Ken subplot. It started out in an adorable way when Penny asked Raph out whilst he was in the middle of being the school “lollipop lady”, became hilarious when Penny and Raph misunderstood the fish element to their date, and led to some great character development with Raph when he gave Tilly money for her birthday for a bike she had been saving for.

I believe this relationship will inevitably come to an end in next week’s season finale, nevertheless it’s been great to watch.

Matt and April—This subplot focuses on Matt suddenly getting an itch on his wedding ring finger, which ends up swelling up due to a nasty infection. It’s obvious that the infection and the subsequent consequences are a metaphor for where Matt is in his romantic life right now—-conflicted about his feelings for both Charlie and April.

I’m hoping the finale will lead to the fate of Matt’s relationships with Charlie and April being revealed.

Harriet—Although Harriet didn’t have much screen time, she pretty much stole every scene she was in. While Ajax found out about her pregnancy in an earlier episode, in this one the whole family finds out when Harriet casually strolls up to the house. Their reactions were obviously one of shock, but their true feelings on the matter really haven’t been dealt with yet, it will be interesting to see them played out in next week’s finale, which is clearly when the baby is going to born.


Overall this was a solid episode, but not the most memorable. It didn’t feel like a penultimate episode, it honestly just felt like any other episode.


Stray Observations:

Dora sighting—At the farm when Meryl talks to Hugh about finding another way to prevent losing the farm.

-Meryl’s grandmother was born on the farm land, and Meryl specifically states she was born in the house.

-Ken and Mia have officially been together for a year.

-Hugh is yet to perform one surgery in the cardiac clinic without being interrupted.


Best one liners:

  • “You look unusually thoughtful” (Penny to Hugh)
  • “I always thought she was so straight…you know corrupt wise.” (Hayley to Meryl on the Whyhope mayor)
  • “Get in the van!” “Aren’t you supposed to offer us a bag of lollies first?” (Mystery man–Hugh)



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