Bite Club–Season 1 Finale

This is the episode everyone was waiting for, not because it means the end to the show but rather because Stephen is finally caught and arrested.

One of the best aspects of this finale was that every character found out Stephen was the killer in a different way, so to honour this, I’m going to be reviewing the finale character by character, based on how each one of them found out.

Dan—Dan was the first to realise that Stephen was the killer when he interviewed Justine Harris’ neighbour and she told him she constantly saw a police van with a dog (Denver). This was of course after Dan’s card was found on Justine’s fridge by her sister, Lisa, the test on the bite mark to see whether it matched Dan was inconclusive, and he is suspended. Personally, I found the test being inconclusive too convenient and unrealistic.

Another way Dan puts two and two together is when he sees that Stephen abbreviates his goodbye texts the same way and it shows in the messages from Justine’s, Melody’s and his own phones. Which isn’t enough evidence to clear him or as Jim puts it to Zoe “It’s Dan’s smoking gun, I just don’t think there’s enough smoke.”

Dan then ends up going over to Stephen’s house to subtly interrogate him—asking him about the freezer, asking him why the serial killer would pick him to frame, and telling him the killer is a “biting, sadistic sociopath.” While Dan doesn’t manage to get a confession (that would be too easy and boring), he does manage to rattle Stephen enough for him to flush his trophy teeth down the toilet, which leads us to Amber.

Amber—Amber finally realises that Stephen is the serial killer and obsessed with her when she visits him, goes to use his bathroom and finds one of the unflushed teeth in the toilet bowl. While Amber tries to play it cool, when she realises Stephen is on to her, her fear gets the better of her, leading to him bounding and gagging her in his garage, with Denver sitting nearby. Interestingly, Denver turns against Stephen and bites him allowing for her to get away, but only briefly as she hides in Stephen’s bedroom. Zoe and Dan find and rescue her in the nick of time.

Zoe—Zoe ends up discovering Stephen’s the killer when Kate tells her that Stephen bit her, which later gives her the idea to match that bite mark with those on the bodies. Before she finds out they do match, she finds Pia’s earring on Stephen’s boat and just as she has the “aha” moment, Stephen attacks her from behind and takes off on the boat. Zoe tries to get the gun he took off her to shoot him and of course, doesn’t succeed, and she ends up jumping off the boat into the ocean to get away from him. He ends up shooting her in the shoulder and taking off, with Dan, after a few moments of panic, coming to her rescue, which provides a perfect full circle moment for their relationship and the trauma they experienced.

At the end of the episode, two months after arresting Stephen, it’s revealed that Zoe has taken time off, however it isn’t made clear whether her and Dan are back together or not.

Kristof—While there wasn’t really much of a focus on Kristof, he did tell Dan that Stephen was moved around foster homes as a child because he kept biting other children, which is information I felt should have been revealed earlier.

Stephen—While I’ve written this review character by character, based on how they found out Stephen was the killer, I’ll focus on what Stephen does based on the fact that he knows everyone is closing in on him.

Stephen breaks into Zoe’s home to find the tooth that Dan gave him and ends up running into Kate on the way out, which leads to her revealing to Zoe that he bit her. He also asks Claire to be his lookout when he breaks into Zoe’s locker, which I felt the team should have known about and some consequences should have been shown.

At the end of the episode, it’s revealed Stephen has been committed and is writing his life story up until the time he bought his first puppy. What his plans are after this, possibly to escape, aren’t made clear.


Overall this was a decent season finale, as all loose ends were tied up, however there were some key things that were left unresolved such as whether Zoe and Dan got back together, the consequences of Claire helping Stephen break into Zoe’s locker, and what Stephen’s next moves are. This could be due to the possibility of a second season, however whether the show has been renewed is yet to be established.


One thought on “Bite Club–Season 1 Finale

  1. I really enjoyed this series I hope they do a second season perhaps Stephen escapes from the institution. It would have been nice if they had drawn it out more.


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