Street Smart–Season 1 Finale

As I watching this episode, knowing it was the season and most likely series finale, based on a tweet I read from Shehadie, I was wondering whether both him and Bilgic wrote it knowing the show had an uncertain future.

This episode breaks from the mould by Joseph and Tia breaking away from each other as he has Tia go undercover to find out what Steve and the Street Smart gang are up to.

Joseph and Tia have a pretend fight in the street to lure Steve, which of course works, the way that the gang acted towards her was realistic, and gentleman-like with just a hint of schoolboy. They were nice to her after the “fight”, however the gang (with the exception of Steve) didn’t trust her or want her involved in their plan of stealing the fortune from a warehouse, that was the home of a money laundering scheme under the guise of a school uniform factory. They also give Steve a realistic ultimatum—choose between them or Tia.

Over the course of the episode, Steve and Tia’s chemistry is emphasised, with Tia clearly having more fun with him than with Joseph, and I did wonder whether she would cross over, abandoning Joseph and joining the gang, as I felt that would have provided the perfect end to this season and provide potential to a second (if there was one). Sadly this didn’t happen as Tia politely turned him down outside of the restaurant where Steve planned their date.

The gang experience their moment of failure when they get to the warehouse and see it’s been shut for quite some time, where Steve ends up admitting that his grandfather, who told him about the warehouse on his dying breath, actually died when he was a child. With this moment of failure, they actually end up not committing a crime at all.

Overall this was a solid end to the season with a long overdue focus on Tia, the possibility of her crossing over, and the gang not committing a crime and quickly getting over it. Although I was disappointed that Trans was absent again.

The season overall was done well with a variety of both the gang’s schemes and their levels of success/failure, and a balanced amount of character interaction, although it would have been good to see more of a focus on both Trans and Tia.

While the reception to Street Smart was mixed and didn’t get much support by Network Ten, it would have been great if it got picked up for another season so it would have been given the chance to grow (much like Here Come the Habibs did in their second season). Nevertheless, I’m looking forward to seeing what Shehadie and Bilgic will come up with next.


Stray Observations:

-According to Joseph, Tia has the gift of “not being noticed”.

-The Street Smart gang, according to Steve, is a progressive criminal organisation.

-Steve notices Tia’s new hairstyle and compliments her on it, yet Joseph doesn’t.

-Steve believes he should be on The Bachelor as he is wearing a tux (with a cap) on his “date” with Tia and knew to give her a red rose.

-Zena is capable of hiring an accordion player on short notice.


Best one liners:

  • “I never knew the Barina could be such a smooth ride!” (Steve to Tia)
  • “Pickles are responsible for producing you!” (Adil to Steve)



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