Doctor Doctor–Season 3 Finale

The job of a season finale is to conclude the story arcs of the season and open up new story arcs for the next season (if there is one). I feel like this finale didn’t really wrap things up, but it did open up potential new story arcs for the fourth season, if Doctor Doctor is renewed.

I always say that you can usually tell when a show’s future is uncertain by the way a finale is written and with this finale, it was obvious that the writers were uncertain of the show’s future when they wrote the finale but they didn’t really go to much effort to wrap the season’s story arcs up—a lot was left unresolved, which didn’t really make it feel like a finale.

I’m going to review this episode character by character:

Hugh and Harriet—In this episode Hugh and Harriet’s baby girl, Eliza is born. Throughout the episode Harriet is shown to be staying with Hugh and eager for the baby to be born, which could be seen as a hint of what Harriet would end up doing. Shortly after Eliza born, presumably the next day, Harriet does a runner and leaves Whyhope and Eliza with Hugh. In all honesty, her decision didn’t surprise me as it’s true to character, so much so that Hugh actually hinted at this possibility in an earlier episode when Charlie was trying to find Ivy’s mother in Bali.

While it was true to her character to leave Eliza with Hugh, whether Hugh and Eliza stay in Whyhope wasn’t made clear, which was one of many loose ends in this finale.

Matt and April—Another loose end was the choice Matt has to make between Charlie and April. A Twitter user by the name of “Nicole da Silva Fans” summed the situation Matt is in perfectly: “First love/wants a baby vs Current wife/most adult years spent with/doesn’t want a baby…who does Matt choose?”

This choice wasn’t made in this finale, instead it focused on Matt going back and forth between the two. He and April are spending nights together and April was present at the family dinner, yet he considered going to Bali to see Charlie, yet he admits to Hugh he doesn’t want to lose both of them.

Because Charlie this season has mostly been an unsympathetic character, even more so with the way she has been acting since going to Bali and not coming back straight away after she found Ivy’s mother, I’m not overly sure who to go for, whether to be Team Charlie or Team April, and clearly this is a deliberate choice made by the writers. It’s a good way to go as it keeps the viewers engaged, but at a certain point, it has to come to an end as it’s way too easy to cross the line from captivating the viewer to frustrating them.

Meryl, Ajax and Hayley—In this episode, Meryl becomes a slightly unlikeable character as she is being selfish, at least on the surface. Meryl tells the guys at the beginning of the episode that she doesn’t want Arcadia to be a cemetery anymore, despite dead bodies being en route, to the point where she sabotages a funeral procession. It’s later revealed that her grief is affecting her due to it being her first wedding anniversary without Jim, which in turn leads her to reveal to Betty that she’s lost interest in matchmaking, and for Betty to set Meryl up on a date.

While Meryl and Ajax battle, gently, throughout the episode, it’s ultimately Hayley that gets through to her. Hayley forces Meryl to reveal that she doesn’t like the changes that are happening and for Hayley to tell her she can’t live her life stuck and needs to move forward. After this reveal, Ajax proposes to build a separate driveway for the cemetery, which makes Meryl happy.

At the end of the episode, it’s revealed that Betty set Meryl up with Glen, which is surprising considering how much he was hitting on her shortly after Jim’s death. That being said, this time he acted more like a gentleman, which is possibly why Meryl enjoyed the date more, even if, by her own words, it was a little strange.

Penny and Hugh—In this finale, the fate of their love story of sorts is revealed when they admit their love for each other but Hugh choose his job over her. I felt that this would have been disappointing for the fans, but writing wise, it provides another obstacle to keep them apart and bring them back together, hopefully if the fourth season is renewed. If not, at least their love story has been told and ended.

Despite their love story, they actually work well together when dealing with the truck accident and for the first and only time this season, they are shown in a plane and working at a farm together again.

Penny and Raph—Raph only appeared briefly, first at the hospital with Tilly and arguing with her mother and ex-wife outside of the hospital and then when Penny came home after dealing with Hugh, providing her with much-needed comfort. In all honesty, I’m disappointed but not surprised that Penny is choosing to settle for him, but if there is a fourth season, it will be interesting to see where it goes.

Betty and Darren—In this episode, Betty and Darren get back together in the midst of the Hugh-Harriet and Meryl drama. It would have been good if there was more of a focus on it, but I wasn’t completely disappointed with what we were given. On another note, Betty made both a hilarious and fantastic doula.



Stray Observations:

-There was no Dora sighting this week.

-The Knight men got a piece of the farm each: Matt keeps the brewery, Ajax the cemetery, and Hugh gets to grow his medicinal poppies.

-There was a nice, subtle full circle moment when Hayley confronts Meryl, as Meryl was playing Call of Duty to avoid dealing with her feelings and Hayley was confronting her whilst wearing overalls.


Best one liners and interactions:

This season finale had some of the best one liners and interactions in Doctor Doctor‘s history:

  • “I hate this baby get it out of me!” “That’s the spirit.” (Harriet-Hugh)
  • “Of course the baby will co-operate.” (Hugh on the phone with the hiring professor)
  • “Don’t call them dead dudes, it seems unprofessional” (Hugh to Ajax)
  • “What do you think dad would say about us doing this?” (Ajax) “You’re a bunch of idiots” (Matt and Hugh in unison).
  • “It’s like a midwife but with more candles” (Harriet explaining doulas to Hugh)
  • “If I’m in pain people need to know about it!” (Harriet to Betty on being silent during childbirth)
  • “I’m awake I’m just too frightened to open my eyes.” (April to Meryl)
  • “You need to knock before you come into my house!” “That will never happen.” (Matt-Meryl)
  • “I want you to close all roads leading to my property.” “Why?” “To protect me from death.” (Meryl-Darren-Meryl)
  • “I do love him you know…don’t tell him that I’m playing hard to get!” (April to Hugh on her feelings for Matt)
  • “It’s like something broke in me when I saw her.” “That was your heart.” (Hugh-Meryl on Eliza)




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