Playing for Keeps–Season 1, Episode 7

Connor, Tahlia, Brian and Kath—Now that the truth of Connor’s affair with Kath is out, now he and Tahlia have to deal with the fallout. The episode kicks off with them in therapy. Despite their best efforts to try the exercises the therapist recommends, Tahlia can’t help herself and asks Connor questions, where he reveals he only proposed to Tahlia because she wanted him to.

Later on, after Maddie gets them together, Kath asks Tahlia for a truce as hers and Brian’s daughter, Ella, is coming home. However Tahlia refuses as she wasn’t given any warning about the affair.

At the President’s Lunch, Connor talks Kath and apologises to her and tells her that he plans on ending things with Tahlia. When Tahlia sees the two of them walk about to the Lunch together, she loses it and whispers the truth in Brian’s ear.

At the end of the episode, Connor and Tahlia talk and their relationship seems to be ending, however this is yet to be confirmed. Brian also asks Kath about Connor and she admits the truth. Having Tahlia reveal the truth to Brian is one of a few great springboards for next week’s finale.

Paige and Dan—Another great springboard for the finale is the further disintegration of Paige and Dan’s relationship. It starts off with Dan bribing Toni with tickets to the President’s Lunch to get her to rehire Paige. This is while Paige is at a job agency where the agent she speaks to tells her about opportunities in the UK. When Paige finds out the truth, they have yet another fight.

At the President’s Lunch, Toni gives her second ticket to Brody, which leads to him finally meeting Dan. While there is a hint of romantic competitive tension, the focus is more on Dan not remembering that Brody is Paige’s only friend, which leads to another fight and Paige again calling Dan out on the fact that the move and their lives only revolve around his football career.

On another note, as Paige is trying to rebuild her career, she comes up with the idea of teaching children maths through AFL stats, I think this is a good idea and I hope it’s addressed again in the finale.

The promo of next week’s episode shows Paige packing her bags and heading off to the train station and Dan telling her he doesn’t want her to leave. Although the last few episodes have been leading to this, the final events that lead to this are yet to happen, which I’m looking forward to seeing and the outcome.

Maddie and Trav—I felt they were more in the background in this episode but they still had solid moments. Maddie is representing Andrew in his divorce and finds out that he’s dating Rusty’s ex, Carly. Carly tries to apologise for her behaviour, albeit with a fake tone, and tries to act like the other WAGs but can’t pull it off.

Meanwhile Brian benches Trav, which angers both him and Maddie, considering Brian convinced him to play another year and what they’ve had to sacrifice. Trav later calls out Brian on this, whether Trav ends up retiring for good remains to be seen, but I felt this was the strongest moment in his character development as he is no longer the man-child seen in the first few episodes and this is the first time we’ve seen him stand up for himself.

Another strong moment for Trav was his reaction to Rusty telling him about his affair with Jack. Trav was shocked, but upset that Rusty felt he couldn’t tell him, which shows how important their friendship is to him and that he didn’t care that Rusty was gay.

Despite being mostly in the background, I felt that Maddie’s and Trav’s strong moments were minor highlights of the episode.

Jessie, Nate and Rusty—Although she’s not as much in the background as Maddie was, Jessie wasn’t exactly front and centre either. Andrew comes up with the idea to set up a foundation in Jack’s name to financially help Jessie, J.J. and her unborn baby. Jessie wants Kath to put a stop to it but Kath tells her she can’t do that unless she comes clean publicly.

Jessie ends up letting the announcement of the foundation go ahead only to make her announcement—she’ll be donating the funds to women and children’s shelters. This puts Andrew in his place as he’s clearly trying to bury his homophobia, although whether it was his or Carly’s idea wasn’t made clear.

Meanwhile Nate asks Jessie for forgiveness, which she considers, however he still doesn’t want to go public about being the baby’s father, which confirms Jessie’s decision was the right one. At the end of the episode, she takes Rusty with her to her ultrasound appointment and they find out the baby is a girl. Their moments at the appointment were sweet and a highlight of the episode with well-written jokes and their friendship solidified. Clearly she’s not due any time soon and won’t give birth during next week’s finale, unless the writers decided to do a time jump, which I doubt. Hopefully there will be another season and we’ll see the baby being born.


Overall this was a solid penultimate episode providing great springboards for next week’s finale.

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