Charmed (Reboot)–Season 1, Episode 3 (Sweet Tooth)

This series continues to get better as it goes along and this Halloween-themed episode is the perfect example.

To me this episode showed that while the series will always be inspired and based off the original series, it is started to simultaneously break away and become its own show.

The episode kicks off with a training simulation that Harry has created, while it was obvious that it was a simulation, this is something I would have liked to have seen during the original series—when you’re the most powerful witches of all time and you need to learn how to use your powers, training is necessary and realistic. Not to mention, the training simulation addresses things that would drive viewers crazy such as Maggie using her phone when a demon is about to kill her, and Macy taking her sweet time using her powers to protect herself and her sisters.

In this Halloween inspired episode, each sister is also dealing with their own personal problems. Maggie is working extra shifts to fund her entry into a sorority and decides to hold a Halloween party at the manor to win her sorority sisters over. She uses magic to amp up the party’s coolness factor and her costumes by glamouring (another callback to the original series). Although Harry, Macy and Mel aren’t pleased with her decision, they ultimate use it as an opportunity to find out who the Harbinger is using as a vessel.

Mel meanwhile is struggling with keeping her secret from Niko and is being reckless with her magic, something Harry eventually punishes her for it with a magical tracking bracelet that notifies him when she uses her power. Mel is the first to know about Angela coming out of her coma and notifies Harry. She also reaches out to Angela to find out whether she is the vessel as she is the most likely candidate. Of course her reacting to the cookie is too easy. Once the sisters discover Angela is the vessel, Mel opens up to Harry and reveals that she is struggling with her powers and secret, because she has never had to hide who she is from her loved ones. Harry returns the favour by opening up about a charge he lost, Fiona, because she trusted the wrong person with her secret, and that pain has made him who he is. After this he removes the tracking bracelet. I loved these scenes between them as it provided necessary character development.

Macy is struggling to embrace Halloween and how to deal with her feelings towards Galvin. Maggie uses magic to dress her up in a costume that would get his attention, which works without compromising who she is. As they realise through the protection spell’s failure that the Harbinger is in the manor, and Mel realises that it’s hunting virgins, Macy reveals that she herself is a virgin and uses that to their advantage to lure the Harbinger out. This reveal also provided necessary character development as it reveals why she struggles with her feelings towards Galvin, not to mention her age is revealed for the first time.

Although there was a minor callback to the original series through Maggie’s use of glamouring, the biggest callback in this episode was the concept of personal gain. Harry tracks Mel’s misuse of her powers, although the major player of using their powers for personal gain was Maggie. She and her sisters ultimately paid for the personal gain as the binding spell against the Harbinger failed because Maggie’s magic was turning against her and she had to reverse the glamouring spell.

The end of the episode has the sisters being forced to keep an eye on the Harbinger, who Harry has magically chain up in the attic, whilst waiting for the Elders (another callback) to arrive.

Overall this was a solid episode with necessary and timely character development and great utilisation of the Halloween theme.


Stray Observations:

-Science is still interlinked with magic with Macy coming up with the idea of making cookies to lure out the Harbinger as sugar will react to the sulphuric acid nature of the Harbinger.

-Both Maggie and Macy ask themselves how they didn’t know Marisol was a witch when they are looking for potion ingredients and candles respectively.

-The reveal of Parker being Lucy’s boyfriend sets up a love triangle subplot between them and Maggie.

Best one liners:

  • “What is it with your generation’s obsession with offensive costumes?” (Harry to Maggie when she asks him to hand out drinks to her sorority sisters)
  • “Why are you so allergic to being sexy?” (Maggie to Macy)



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