Charmed (Reboot)–Season 1, Episode 4 (Exorcise Your Demons)

This episode concludes the Harbinger of Hell story arc, or at least we think it does.

The episode opens with a flashback set six months earlier where Marisol is supporting Angela and Mel is encouraging her to report Professor Thaine for sexual harassment.

It then cuts to the present day where it’s revealed two days have passed since the events of the previous episode. The sisters are still babysitting the Harbinger, awaiting the elders’ arrival. Harry is also surprised by the fact they haven’t arrived, especially as the Harbinger has developed the ability to kill with a single touch.

In the midst of it all, the sisters have to deal with a surprise visit from Niko and her partner, Trip, as Angela’s mother has filed a missing person’s report. As they are struggling to convince Niko and Trip that they don’t know anything about Angela’s disappearance, an elder, Charity (Virginia Williams) finally arrives and helps them cover their tracks temporarily. The Elders are another callback to the original, however the difference between the elders in the original series and in this series is that the modern version are the “governing body of witches” and actually are witches, as opposed to whitelighters. Charity reveals that the Elders think that Angela can’t be saved and will have to be killed so the Harbinger can be contained. Mel doesn’t want to kill Angela and thinks that she can be saved.

From there, most of the episode focuses on the morality issue on whether to save Angela or not. Mel cast a spell which shows that Angela’s soul is indeed still alive and this convinces Mel that she needs to be saved. Being the scientist that Macy is, she agrees with the Elders solution. While Maggie is too busy worrying about her mid-terms as she has been too busy with her witch duties and work to focus, the difficulty in Maggie balancing her mortal life with her supernatural duties is another, more subtle callback to the original series.

As Charity is trying to prepare the sisters for the battle with the harbinger, she reveals that she came to see the sisters alone as it’s the Elders’ security protocol, especially as there have been three Elder assassinations, one of them being Marisol. Charity also reveals to Macy that neither her nor the other Elders had any idea that she existed, but she does recall casting a spell on Marisol by her request to erase her pain and never knew why, until now. The fact that the Elders didn’t know about her is another callback to the original series, specifically Paige’s introduction, not to mention Charity also provides character development and more details on Marisol’s and Macy’s backstory, although not the reason why Marisol abandoned her.

The third act kicks off when Mel brings the harbinger onto the college campus in the boot of her car. Mel and Maggie take the harbinger into the warehouse where the Kappa’s homecoming float is being made. Mel asks the Book of Shadows for a spell on performing an exorcism on the harbinger only to be directed to a blank page. When Macy arrives, the sisters hold hands and the blank page is revealed to be a spell written in Spanish by Marisol. Harry concludes it’s an unsanctioned spell that Marisol wrote knowing that the sisters would have to battle the harbinger one day. This convinces Harry that the sisters should save Angela, and Harry’s agreement with them convinces Charity as well.

Before the girls perform the exorcism, they hear a car outside–Parker is storing illegal fireworks at the warehouse. Although Maggie takes her sweet time send him away, to the point that even the harbinger is shouting at her, she kisses him to distract and send him away. The sisters perform the exorcism as Harry and Charity hold the harbinger back, with Maggie using her telepathy to get through to Angela and encourage her to break free, which she does successfully. This is a crucial moment for Maggie as she constantly comments that her powers are inferior to her sisters. Charity manages to secure the harbinger in a paint can.

While the sisters are successful in saving Angela, they lose their first innocent in the form of Trip. Trip, who was constantly suspicious of them, followed them and saw the exorcism took place and was killed when the magic behind it caused floating debris to hit and kill him. Losing an innocent and the exposure of magic are also nice callbacks to the original series. Charity tells the sisters that she’ll find a way to cover up his death so it doesn’t raise suspicions. Mel finds out from a devastated Niko that Trip apparently hung himself in the warehouse and that he was connected to the Halloween murders. While Charity’s decision cleans up the exposure of magic mess, clearly Mel is not happy about this and perhaps there will be repercussions in further episodes.

The episode ends with Maggie revealing to Parker that she got an extension on her mid-term and she tells him to stay away from her. The final moments show Charity talking to an unknown person on the phone about a journey she has taken and switching paint cans with an unknown demon who has put her under mind control. This moment makes a few things uncertain: whether Charity is evil or really was being mind controlled, who this demon was, and if it means the sisters aren’t really done with the harbinger.

Overall this was a solid episode as the harbinger/Angela story arc was partially concluded, with the final moments provided the audience and the sisters with a new threat and story arc, as well as the introduction of a new character, and character development with Marisol and Maggie.


Stray Observations:

-The Elders have the capability of muting people. Charity muted Harry and Mel, when she muted the latter she stated that a witch needs a voice to cast a spell.

-Harry and Charity clearly have a romantic past or at least a past of some kind.

-Harry was born in 1920.

-Outside of being an Elder, Charity runs an investment fund helping women in developing nations start businesses.


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