Charmed (Reboot)–Season 1, Episode 5 (Other Women)

This episode was a solid one as it wrapped up a few subplots and opened the door for more.

The episode kicks off with Macy taking a late-night bath and being startled by Harry and telekinetically throwing him across the bathroom. This moment reveals that Harry is staying with the sisters to protect them as the Elders have taken the Book of Shadows away from the sisters to see if Marisol wrote anymore hidden spells. Harry staying with them leads to a lot of minor but great comedic moments such as when Maggie calls him and he runs in pantless with an iron in his hand. However it also leads to a crucial moment of character development at the end of the episode when he is cooking an English breakfast for them and Maggie tells him he can be a part of their family.

The writers of this episode made the choice to split the sisters up for the majority of it. The A story focused on Mel and Niko, with Niko being questioned by the FBI and targeted by shapeshifters. The B story focused on Maggie dealing with her guilt over Parker and Lucy’s breakup, and Macy suspecting that Galvin is under a spell after she notices he’s acting weird and getting over her quickly with Summer. I personally liked this choice as both stories were developed at a great pace and didn’t overly focus on the sisterhood too much, it gave the characters the chance to grow and shine at the right moments.

With the A story, after Niko and Mel visit Trip’s grave, a shapeshifter comes by at the grave and defiles it. It is then revealed that the demon is the FBI agent who is questioning Niko over Trip’s death. It is then revealed that he is working for another demon, Alastair Caine, the demon seen taking the harbinger in the paint can from Charity at the end of the previous episode. Both of these demons are hellbent (no pun intended) on making sure that the evidence Trip found that Marisol’s death is linked with two other women, and by doing so are targeting Niko is destroyed, however their motivations for doing this, other than the fact they’re evil and are possibly the killers, are yet to be revealed.

When Niko realises where Trip would have kept the evidence he found, the shapeshifter demon follows her and takes Trip’s form, attacks her and sets the cabin on fire using magic-resistant flames. Mel saves her and takes her to the hospital, only to have to save her from another shapeshifting demon in the form of a nurse. The scene between the nurse, Mel and Harry trying to save Niko was intense and well done. After Harry and Mel move Niko into the manor, Harry informs her that Niko will always be targeted by the shapeshifters and they will stop at nothing, including killing her to get what they want. This gives Mel the idea to rewrite history so her and Niko never met and therefore never became a target for the shapeshifters. Mel informing her sisters of her decision is the first time they’re seen together, let alone using magic together, in this episode and comes shortly after the B story wraps up.

I was wondering when Mel made this decision whether it would actually involve her going back in time and warning herself or not meeting her. Having Macy and Maggie casting the spell as Mel is saying goodbye to a frozen Niko, as the memories of their time together are surrounding them, was a good choice and was heartbreaking. On a smaller note, Harry warns her of unintentional consequences of rewriting history and it plays out when Mel discovers she doesn’t have a job anymore as she never attended her interview as Niko wasn’t there to wake her up that morning like she did in the original timeline.

Meanwhile the B story of Maggie finally admitting to Lucy that she kissed Parker fell a little flat for me. While it showed some good character development with Lucy as it shows she’s more than a stereotypical sorority girl, and yes the truth needed to come out, there was enough of a focus on it for me to be invested. However with Lucy subsequently kicking Maggie out of the sorority, it provides Maggie with the opportunity to grow in future episodes. While Macy’s subplot of mistakenly believing that Galvin’s hookup, Summer, was a succubus was solid, as while the outcome wasn’t what she wanted, Galvin was indeed under a spell but what it is and who has cast it on him remains to be seen. As the Maggie-sorority subplot has ended, this one provides the potential for another great one to take its place.

The episode ends with the shapeshifter demons realising that the sisters have cast a spell of some kind to cause a temporal shift and need to change targets. Alastair decides that they need the DNA of a strong witch and decide on Macy. Why they’ve picked Macy is yet to be explained.

Overall this was a solid episode with the conclusion of two subplots and the start of another two subplots to take their place, as well as character development with Harry and the first real emotional moments at the end of the episode.


Stray Observations:

-Harry reveals that he has no memory of his previous life. This is interesting however it presents a slight continuity issue as, if he has no memory of his previous life how would he know he died in 1920 and how to make an English breakfast? That being said this is easily explained as the Elders may have told him when he died and he could have learnt how to make the breakfast over his years on Earth or by Googling it.

-Realistically, Maggie asks if by rewriting history they can prevent their mother’s death. I wondered this myself, however Harry states that death is the one thing that can’t be undone by magic. This both answers Maggie’s and the viewers’ question, and also addresses how deaths would be handle in the new Charmed world. In the original series, death wasn’t handled in a consistent manner–people died permanently, but death could be sometimes undone or cheated depending on the circumstances.

-Harry offers to find to request a succubus vanquishing spell from the Elders and text it to Macy and Maggie. I found this twenty-first century magical moment amusing and it would certainly make things a lot easier for them.

-Apparently Maggie knew that tramp stamps were “the devil”.

References to the original series:

  • Shapeshifters
  • Succubus (Season 2 episode “She’s a man, baby a man!“)
  • Rewriting history

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