How to Stay Married–Season 1, Episode 2

Now that the pilot has come and gone, and the character and premise of the show has been established, we can get right into the story.

This episode deals with the consequences of the Greg’s and Em’s respective choices to be a stay-at-home parent and go back to work. Greg and Em decide to go to an Ed Sheeran concert and have a romantic night, however their conflicting plans and the building tension between them leads to things going awry.

The episode kicks off with Sophie begging to babysit as she wants the responsibility, Em is against it however Greg says yes, which is one source of tension. When Greg’s and Em’s conflicting plans come to the surface and lead to things going awry—the Loaded Toad being replaced with an apartment building and Honey Cloud not letting them in due to Greg’s self-made tour shirts breaching their dress code, this leads to even more tension. The breaking point comes when they realise they don’t actually have tickets to the Ed Sheeran concert due to them believing the other was responsible for them. This leads to them arguing and telling each other what’s really pissing them off—Greg saying he is “babysitting” the kids and Em rightly pointing out that they’re his kids, Greg’s resentment towards Em for “never shouting” and their struggles adjusting to their new roles.

Meanwhile Sophie manages to convince Chloe to go to bed hours early, and watches a horror film as Terry and Marlo try to keep an eye on them and inadvertently scare her. Brad also goes on his first Tinder date and ruins it by insisting he kinda looks like Ed Sheeran, in all honesty I didn’t feel like his subplot added anything to the episode.

Once they get home they manage to have a romantic date with the help of Terry and Marlo, and Em wearing her matching shirt that Greg made. They also manage to make the best of Em’s Brazilian wax (the scenes of the waxing were hilarious) as she asks Greg if he wants to help her find the “missing bits”.

Overall this was a good episode and funnier than the pilot, hopefully the show will continue to improve as it progresses.


Best one liners, quotes and interactions:

  • “Yes ISIS has been waiting around for you and dad to go out and then they’re going to strike!” (Sophie to Em on Em’s uncertainty on Sophie babysitting Chloe)
  • “If we’re visited by an axe murderer in the next five minutes, I’ll give you a call” (Sophie to Em)
  • “If you could put a waxed vag into a stubby holder men wouldn’t leave the couch!” (the beautician to Em)
  • “Tonight will go as smoothly as your freshly waxed front bum” (the beautician to Em)
  • “Possums don’t eat turmeric!” (Marlo to Terry on her lasagne being left outside Greg and Em’s door)
  • “I got a Brazilian because I wanted tonight to be…” “pubeless?” (Em-Greg)

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