Charmed (Reboot)–Season 1, Episode 6 (Kappa Spirit)

The episode was completely different to the previous five as for the first time it focused on something other than the harbinger and Niko as those subplots concluded.

This week focused more on Maggie dealing with the consequences of telling Lucy that she kissed Parker and getting kicked out of Kappa, which leads to Lucy accidentally unleashing literally a Kappa spirit in the form of Brenda (McKaley Miller). Maggie immediately notices something is not right about Brenda when she at first notices her outdated eyeshadow style but more so when she tells Mel that part of her initiation was learning all about each sorority member from top to bottom and Brenda wasn’t one of them. She quickly finds an article that reveals Brenda was killed after she got drunk and fell off the Kappa roof in 1989. This discovery marks the first time that the sisters meet and have to deal with a ghost.

To find out more about Brenda and why she is haunting Lucy, Mel and Maggie travel back in time (another first for the reboot) to a crucial moment in her life before she died. The crucial moment shows that Jenna, the then-Kappa president publicly announces that Brenda won’t be pledging, subsequently humiliating her. During their travel, Mel and Maggie also see a pregnant Marisol expressing her concerns about her baby (Macy) as she has a feeling something is wrong. This moment with Marisol provided an unexpected twist for both the sisters and the viewers, and also has a great payoff at the end of the episode, but I’ll get to that.

Mel and Maggie time travel without Macy as the latter is busy trying to figure out more about the mark on Galvin’s body. Macy decides to go to Galvin’s birthday party after inviting herself to find out more about the mark and Harry accompanies her to both appear to have moved from Galvin and also to find out whether Harry can actually see the mark for himself. This is the second episode to have the sisters and subplot split into two—this time with Mel and Maggie, and Macy and Harry pairing off. While Mel and Maggie’s dynamic isn’t new, Macy and Harry’s is. While Harry has expressed appreciation for Macy’s respect of him and the craft, this is the first time that they are truly interacting with each other, and it seems that Harry is interested in Macy. This shows when he confides in her that the Elders have decided the sisters no longer need extra protection and he doesn’t need to live with them anymore but also doesn’t want to leave, and by the way he looks at her. I wonder whether they’ll do a Leo-Piper subplot with them? But I digress.

After Galvin reveals to Macy that his grandmother was from Haiti, she deduces the mark may be related to his heritage, specifically Yoruba religion. She visits a Yoruban priestess who reveals the mark is not demonic but rather the opposite, it is meant to protect a marked individual from dark magic. The priestess tells Macy that she has darkness inside her and has since she was born but doesn’t give her a full story or clear picture. This answers the question about the mark but also asks another question about what kind of darkness lies inside Macy. Again this moment has a good payoff at the end of the episode.

After Mel and Maggie witness Jenna kicking Brenda out of the sorority in the ’80s, they visit present-day Jenna who reveals that Brenda was in fact the Kappa bully not her and that a lot of girls ended up dying the same way Brenda did years later, but the college made sure the deaths weren’t connected publicly to the sorority. This leads to the sisters realising that Brenda is only haunting Lucy as Lucy was subjected to the same treatment she was, and so Lucy’s “suicide” can be blamed on Maggie. The sisters and Harry save Lucy in the nick of time and long enough for Maggie to apologise to Lucy, which leads to Brenda being banished. These scenes were portrayed beautifully with Hall expressing a realistic balance of terror and intoxication, Miller being the perfect scary banshee ghost, and Diaz and Jeffrey portraying the fear of that situation convincingly.

The end of the episode had Maggie and Harry join the Vera-Vaughn sisterhood, while these scenes were sweet they were a little too cheesy. Macy also mentions her experience with the priestess to Mel and Maggie who subsequently choose not to tell her about their time travel moment with Marisol. Meanwhile the shapeshifter demons (which I totally forgot about due to a lack of focus on them) reappeared in the final moments by killing Macy’s boss and taking a vial of her blood, what they plan to do with remains to be seen. Macy also finds a key in a literal pillar in the front of the house when she remembers the priestess’ exact words, again what this key is the lock to remains to be seen.

Overall this was one of the best episodes to date as its main story was completely different to the main stories of the previous episodes, strong performances, and a lot of magical firsts which simultaneously made references to the original series. It also continued the overall Marisol story arc and provided the pieces for a few new arcs to present themselves in future episodes.


Stray Observations:

-Harry makes a mean Welsh Rarebit (Rabbit).

-We never did find out whether Mel got the administrative job at the college.

-Nothing also came from Mel’s Lichtenberg theory of Marisol’s death.


Best one liners:

The best one liners of this episode definitely belonged to Harry:

  • “I really am starting to warm to your inane chatter”
  • “I’m British, awkward’s kind of my thing”

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