How to Stay Married–Season 1, Episode 3

This episode focused on an issue that all married couples would face at one point or another–what to do about contraception when they’ve finished having children.

The episode kicks off with Greg and Em about to have sex only to realise they don’t have condoms, so Greg goes off to a convenience store to buy some where he has a funny interaction with the cashier, buying nearly every other item nearby before finally admitting he really wants condoms. By the time he gets home, Chloe is in their bed and Em wants to sleep.

It cuts to the next day where Em is talking to Marlo and admits that she actually put Chloe in their bed to avoid sex with Greg as she is too tired. This was an interesting and clever reveal and it made me wonder how many people have done this to their spouse. Meanwhile Greg is discussing having a vasectomy with Terry and Brad. Both Terry and Marlo make decisions for Greg and Em respectively—Marlo has Em do skydiving as a means to make her feel alive and boost her libido, while Terry books Greg in for a vasectomy—at the same time.

Greg at first tries to preserve his last bit of sperm by going back to the convenience store to “provide a sample” into a slushie cup only for it to be stolen by a robber. They end up at Terry’s doctor only for them to discover that the doctor is trying to break a record for the most amount of vasectomies done in one day. Brad ends up having a vasectomy because he loves being an uncle more than the thought of being a father, but Greg doesn’t have his done.

Meanwhile Em is scared about skydiving and it doesn’t help that their instructor, Lenny, appears suicidal after his wife breaks up with him over the phone. She also has to deal with ashes being thrown in her face by another flyer scattering her father’s ashes. In the end both Greg and Em seem to live with the fact that Greg never had his vasectomy, and the episode ends how it started with them trying to have sex only for Chloe to be in their bed.

Overall this was a good but not great episode which dealt with a realistic marital issue in two humorous ways, with the Greg subplot almost slapstick-like. The episode to me provided more of an insight into Terry and Marlo’s marriage than Greg and Em’s.


Stray Observations:

-Apparently Terry bought a heap of condoms from Costco and since his own vasectomy, he’s been using the leftovers as dishwashing gloves.

-Terry and Marlo once had sex at an open range zoo.

-Apparently Bluetooth ribbed condoms exist.

-Chloe’s birthday is in October.


Best one liners:

  • “My dad’s getting his penis cut up so mum’s jumping out of a plane!” (Chloe to a mother of one of her friends)
  • “Three vasectomies, two reversals, my balls have forgiven me for many things, indecisiveness isn’t one of them.” (Terry on his urologist to Brad and Greg)
  • “Man jam” (Terry’s name for sperm)
  • “How do you fall in love with a penpal who’s illiterate?” (Lenny to Em, Marlo and Stephanie on his marriage ending)
  • “They were cutting testicles like kids pop balloons.” (Greg to Em on the vasectomy record breaking attempt)

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