Charmed (Reboot)–Season 1, Episode 7 (Out of Scythe)

Well damn! This week, the writers threw in its biggest twist/spanner in the works yet, but I’ll get to that in a minute.

This episode kicks off with the owner of a wine store being attacked by a shadow demon and something taken from him during a blackout. It then cuts back to the sisters—Mel is using Harry’s training orbs to fantasise about Parker, she is later snapped out of it by Mel and they discuss whether to tell Macy about what they witnessed during their time travel last week, and Macy puts the mysterious key she also found last week around her neck. Harry then calls them downstairs for breakfast.

At breakfast Maggie mentions the house settling, which leads to Harry figuring out that there was a hellquake the previous night. This discussion is brief and quickly moves on to the sisters’ “normal” lives. Macy is dealing with her new boss, Julia, telling her to fire Galvin to alleviate the lab’s budget issues, while Mel is working as a bartender at The Haunt to bring in money after losing her job due to the consequences of altering time to protect Niko.

Macy’s subplot was barely visible in this episode to the point where I actually forgot about it and I personally found it to be a cliché, especially when she tries to fire him but can’t because he’s actually proving he loves and is good at his job. Mel’s subplot was also barely visible but had more solid ground as it lead to both character and story arc development—Mel realises that she wasn’t that happy at college as she was merely following in Marisol’s footsteps rather than finding her own path, and the woman she met at the bar (Jada) that seemed interested in her was an electrical demon. But I’ll get to that.

Throughout the exploration of the sisters’ personal lives, I actually forgot about the opening scenes of the episode until the mysterious man from the wine store showed up on the sisters’ doorstep and faints on Maggie. It is revealed that his name is Leon and he is a satyr, tasked with guarding one of three shards of the Scythe of Tartarus. Leon has a half human-half goat appearance and is able to conjure flowers, floral crowns, butterflies and wine out of thin air, the reason for this choice in these scenes isn’t known but it does provide a good comedic moment and insight into his character.

The sisters unfortunately don’t arrive in time to prevent the second shard from being stolen from Sela, an Egyptian fertility goddess, nonetheless it provided a great opportunity to introduce another new magical being to the series. Now that two out of the three shards have been taken by the shadow demons, the third has to be found and the sisters discover Marisol had it and the key Macy found and has been wearing activated the shards. The fighting scenes between the shadow demon and Maggie over the shard were well done, and a great twist was added when Jada shocked Mel and took the shards away from both of them.

The final moments of the episode contained the biggest twist so far—Parker is the shadow demon and a half human-half demon. In all honesty this twist simultaneously surprised and didn’t surprise me—there were hints that Parker had a dark secret throughout this episode however this seemed to be legitimately explained, and although I had previously suspected he was a demon in earlier episodes I thought it would be too much of a given. No matter how I or any of the viewers feel, it will certainly make for an interesting story arc and I wonder how different or similar it will be to the Cole-Phoebe story arc that took up the majority of season 3 of the original series.

The end of the episode also raised a lot of questions—who is the electric demon (Jada) and what does she want and plan to do with the shards? Is Jada Marisol’s killer? What are Parker and his family’s plans for the sisters? Why was Marisol chosen to guard the third shard? I’m hoping these questions will be answered in future episodes.

Overall this was a solid episode with the introduction of new magical beings, character development in all three sisters, and great twists.


Stray Observations:

-Harry’s cooking skills are demonstrated again with his very delicious looking British bacon buttie.

-Harry cleaning his training orb after Mel reveals Maggie was using it to fantasise about Parker was hilarious.

-Apparently Harry’s “hair of the dog” hangover cure actually contains dog hair.

-Maggie is vegan-ish.

-According to Maggie, hers and Mel’s parents weren’t together for very long.

-Harry has a fear of insects.

-The shadow demon can walk through walls/doors but still has to walk up a flight of stairs.

-Maggie’s powers are expanding to the point that she can read a demon’s mind/feelings, although as the demon was revealed to Parker, it could be argued that her powers are limited to humans/half humans and is a hint to Parker’s demonic nature.

-Maggie is considering a psychology major to expand on her telepathic/empathic powers.


Best one liners:

  • “Do I look like a debaucherous wine-swilling goatboy?” (Sela to the sisters)
  • “Did we really throwdown with a satyr last night?” (Macy to Mel and Harry)


References to the original series:

  • Parker is half human-half demon and has just started a relationship with the empathic and youngest sister, Maggie. This is clearly the reboot’s version of the Cole-Phoebe season 3 story arc.
  • Satyr—in the original series, a satyr was a magical being that lured nymphs into the open by playing music. In this series, a Satyr is a half human-half goat magical being chosen to guard one of three shards of the Scythe of Tartarus.
  • Maggie chooses to study psychology, Phoebe majored and eventually graduated with a degree in psychology. The degree helped Phoebe get her advice column job and she even went on to pursue a postgraduate degree in an effort to be a better columnist.

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