Charmed (Reboot)–Season 1, Episode 8 (Bug A Boo)

This season just keeps getting better with additional but not so mind-blowing twists.

This episode kicks off with the sisters battling with Jada, at first I thought this was a training exercise a’la the simulations via Harry’s training orb. When I found out it wasn’t, I was a little disappointed as it didn’t really feel like a Charmed battle at all. As they leave the anti-climatic battle, Jada stabs the Scythe of Tartarus into the ground and a hand pops out.

As usual the episode than shifts to focus on the sisters’ personal lives–Maggie volunteers at Aptitude Match, a dating app, Macy is working crazy hours and Mel’s focus is on witchcraft duty with Harry and Charity (her personal life wasn’t focused on it’s pretty much non-existent at this point).

Macy becoming a workaholic to close herself off from dating wasn’t much of a subplot, it was more of a way to delay the inevitable with Galvin. Once Macy finally admits she wants Galvin and finally admits that to him, things become more interesting for a moment when Galvin is hit by a car on his way to meet her at The Haunt. Whether he was hit by a demon or if it’s due to the protective magic cast on Galvin remains to be seen.

This week’s witchcraft duty focuses on cicada demons trying to find their ideal mates via the Aptitude Match app. Once Maggie realises the app is how they’re finding their mates, it didn’t surprise me that the female CEO of the app turned out to be the queen cicada. While the cicadas and the way they lay eggs were gross, I felt that the vanquish–Macy crushing the queen via a machine in the basement was way too easy and anti-climatic, especially after the stakes were raised when Macy was held hostage by them.

Meanwhile when Mel tries to fight Jada again, this time alone, Jada reveals that she is a half-whitelighter/half-witch and is part of a group called the Sarcana, a group of rogue witches who use their magic beyond the Elders’ rules. According to Jada, Marisol supported the Sarcana and they wrote a spell together. Mel destroys the Scythe and corrobates Jada’s story to Charity when she reveals she found the spell Jada mentioned. In contrast, Charity describes the Sarcana as witches who use unsanctioned magic and reveals they were founded by an Elder. Harry also reveals that his charge, Fiona (mentioned in a previous episode), was Charity’s younger sister and was part of the Sarcana and encouraged her to come out as a witch, only to leave her high and dry when it all went wrong.

Throughout the episode both the Elders and Jada try to convince Mel that their side of the story is the right one. Charity even asks Mel to join the Sarcana, whether it is purely an undercover mission remains to be seen. When Mel goes to what appears to be the Sarcana headquarters, she is knocked unconscious by another member who reveals that Fiona is in fact alive. This was the twist of this episode and while it’s a good one, it doesn’t hold a candle to last week’s one, nevertheless this story arc is an interesting and compelling one.

On the Maggie-Parker front, Parker is being pressured by his father to get a plasma transfusion to get the sisters’ DNA. Clearly Parker is falling for Maggie, but the most interesting aspect of this subplot is Hunter looking out for Parker as I feel it will present interesting problems for them and their father down the road. Although they aren’t seen with it, Maggie and Mel donate plasma at the end of the episode, and with Macy’s blood, they have the DNA they want. I feel that Alastair’s plan to have Maggie work for them to get her DNA was a hit-and-miss.

Overall this was a solid episode although it was letdown by its anti-climatic vanquish.


Stray Observations:

-This episode confirms that Harry and Charity had an affair, although this wasn’t really a surprise. Interesting how Mel was the first to call him out on it.

References to the original series:

  • Jada is a half-whitelighter/half-witch like Paige.
  • Harry and Charity had an affair which mirrors Piper and Leo’s initially forbidden romance, as well as Patty and Sam’s.
  • The basement was on level P3, a subtle reference to Piper’s club.



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