How to Stay Married–Season 1, Episode 5

In all honesty this review is going to be short as I felt this was the weakest episode of the series so far.

This episode revolved around the impending hard rubbish collection day in Greg and Em’s neighbourhood. The impending collection day, along with Em realising there isn’t enough space in the house and there is an unused cubby house in the backyard, inspires her to not only do a good clean out but also have Brad move in there both for more space and so Sophie can have her room back.

Over the course of the episode Greg and Em battle over throwing items away, but what the fight really demonstrates is the constant tug of war we all have with ourselves–holding onto the past without being trapped in it and simultaneously moving forward into the future. While I felt this metaphor was played out well, it is dragged down by the weak writing of the rest of the episode.

I enjoyed the moment where the cubby house is burnt down as it is a good pay off of advice Em gave to Chloe earlier about getting rid of her own stuff. It also provides a way for the Brad subplot to keep going. I also liked the reveal that the joint Brad and Greg were smoking was in fact an old cigarette.

Jokes wise, there were solid one-liners and the running gag of Terry and Marlo collecting hard rubbish was hilarious. The latter specifically worked well as it provided a long overdue backstory into the supporting characters. However the hose joke fell flat as it was too slapstick and cliche. Another moment that fell flat was Em’s phone conversation with Amir whilst he’s doing some form of yoga–it had a lot of potential for a great gag, but instead his presence was wasted as the audience isn’t told why he’s calling or he’s doing yoga whilst on the phone. Also the presence of Verity, Brad’s latest girlfriend fell flat as she didn’t really add anything to the episode other than the stereotype of a hipster (or hippie it was hard to tell).

I’m hoping the remaining episodes show improvement.


Best one liners:

  • “God it’s like a headache commercial in here!” (Em on the phone to Amir walking through her noisy house)
  • “I’m keen to hear more about the beard oil!” (Amir on the phone to Em, overhearing her conversation with Verity)
  • “I was planning on doing a stargazing ab crunch tonight” (Greg to Em on the stuff in the backyard he doesn’t use)
  • “Are you saying Gillie was the first to witness our love?” (Greg to Em on his Adam Gilchrist memorabilia hanging over his bed when they were dating)
  • “You’re the hard rubbish find of the century!” (Marlo to Terry on finding hard rubbish and how they met)

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