Charmed (Reboot)–Season 1, Episode 10 (Keep Calm and Harry On)

The previous episode and the mid-season finale ended on a high note and a few bombshells—Maggie found out Parker is a demon, Galvin found out Macy and her sisters are witches, and Hunter dragged Harry down with him into Tartarus. So when an episode and a mid-season finale ends on a such a high note, I wondered where the show would go from there.

The episode kicks off with a robbery in England in the past where it’s revealed the robber was Harry, only for another reveal to show he is being tortured in Tartarus with fake memories (or we so think). When he is tortured with another memory, this time with him being stabbed in prison, and Harry comes to finding the subsequent scar, it’s revealed the memories are real and we are given an insight into Harry’s life before he died.

In the meantime, the sisters are trying to free Harry mostly by themselves as the Elders (sans Charity) are refusing to help, whilst Maggie is trying to get over her heartbreak. Mel asks Jada for assistance and observes the Sarcana treating one of their own with Hellflame over the torture she was subjected to. It is then Jada reveals that they could possibly try freeing Harry via Dante, the guard to the gateway of Tartarus. Mel then comes up with the idea of giving Dante the Harbinger of Hell in exchange for Harry’s freedom, this is a callback to Episode 4 where Charity unwittingly switched paint cans with Alastair. Charity finally discovers this after Mel gives the empty can to Dante and he angrily punishes them for it by throwing Maggie into Tartarus. I found that Maggie and Harry eventually finding each other in Tartarus and Harry trying to help her and offering to suffer instead of her, to be the highlight of the episode as Evans’ and Jeffery’s acting chops were on display, and Harry’s and Maggie’s whitelighter-witch love for each other is shown. The final torture inflicted on Harry shows he had a son who apparently died.

Harry and Maggie are set free before the Harbinger of Hell can be thrown into Tartarus as Alastair shows up when he discovers Mel stole the paint can, and tries to kill them. Maggie, angered at Alastair’s bating of her and criticism of her passive powers, helps to create a forcefield to protect her and the sisters from Alastair’s fire throwing. Although he gets away, they manage to scare him out of town.

Throughout the episode, there are smaller moments that help them come to a resolution and develop the characters. It was good to see Parker, Macy and Mel interact and work together, however the fact that he didn’t defend himself against Maggie’s accusations of him selling them out was a bit of a hit-and-miss. I also enjoyed seeing Galvin absorbing the reality of Macy and the sister as a witch and trying to assist them with getting files from Julia’s office to find out more about her, Parker and Alastair. I also found Maggie’s efforts to magically erase her pain to be another hit-and-miss as I could see the consequences of the spell coming from a mile away.

The episode ends with another twist and the beginning of another possibly story arc with Mel filmed giving Jada the hellframe she stole from Alastair by Niko. It raises the question of what Niko is up to and what she will bring to the story and the show with her memories of Mel being erased back in Episode 4. The twist comes with Galvin showing Macy Julia’s files on her and the sisters which reveal that Macy and Maggie share a father and Mel is in fact the half-sister, again this raises the question on what this does for the story and show. Another twist is that Harry’s son is still alive.

Overall this was a solid episode with Evans’ and Jeffery’s acting chops on show with the true conclusion of the Harbinger and Tartarus story arcs, character development with Harry, progression with the Sarcana story arc, and a new story arc starting with the first appearance of Niko since her memories were erased.


Stray Observations:

-The memories of Harry’s past present a huge continuity problem—Harry stated in an earlier episode that he died in 1920, yet the memories are set in either the 40s or 50s.

-A week has passed since the events of the previous episode.

-Galvin is the first mortal to find out that the sisters are witches and unlike mortals in the original series, he accepted it.

-Apparently Alastair and Julie have some sort of separation agreement that is strict on him mesmerising her.

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