Charmed (Reboot)–Season 1, Episode 11 (Witch Perfect)

This episode is different to the previous two as the stakes were lowered.

The episode kicks off in Athens where a mysterious man goes into an antique store and find an ancient pitch pipe, when he plays it he unleashes a black-green magical being who possesses him. It then cuts to Maggie and Mel walking upstairs with Harry’s breakfast whilst Mel sings “Walking on Sunshine”, as she is auditioning to join the college A Capella group later that day. Macy also tells Maggie and Mel about what Galvin found and naturally they take it badly.

When Maggie is auditioning, it is revealed that the mystery man is Mr Miranda, the Director of the A Capella group. Throughout the episode, the group is seen rehearsing a sombre version of a Lauren Hill song, something pointed out by Effie and Lucy. When Effie demands a solo, the mysterious demon steals her soul and kills her, and Maggie finds out about the demon when she touches the pitch pipe around Mr Miranda’s neck and hears Effie’s screams for help. After telling her sisters and Harry about it, they discover the pitch pipe belongs to sirens, and Maggie tries to cast a spell to get the siren out of Mr Miranda, however he reveals he is the maestro of the sirens. When Galvin and Macy realises it’s the arrangement of the music not the music itself that is affecting the audience, Maggie gets the group to do a mash-up to shock the audience awake and Galvin plays the pipe three times to release the trapped souls.

Meanwhile, Macy and Maggie are reading letters that their parents wrote to each other, which reveal they have always been in love but doesn’t answer the question of why they broke up. The letters also reveal that Macy was brought back from the dead, a shocking twist that is bound to be a compelling story arc in future episodes. Also Harry is still healing from his torture in Tartarus, is writing down his memories of being a mortal and tells Charity that he feels he can’t be the sisters’ whitelighter anymore. Also Niko tells Mel about Jada’s loved ones concern over her behaviour and joining a cult, Mel reveals this to Jada and the latter says it must be her parents doing, hopefully more of this is explored in future episodes. Mel also tells Jada she was sent to the Elders to be a part of Sarcana and Jada tells her she knew, or at least suspected.

Overall I felt this episode was a bit of a hit-and-miss, I felt the maestro and pitch-pipe A story was too absurd, even for a show about magic, I felt there should have been more of a focus on Harry’s healing and trying to find his son, as well as the relationship between Macy and Maggie’s parents.


Stray Observations:

-Macy and Maggie’s father died in 2016.

-When Macy was 10 years old, Mel was 7 and Maggie was a baby.

-I believe Galvin assisting the sisters marks the first time in both series that a mortal has assisted the sisters on a vanquish.

-The title parodies the title of the film trilogy, Pitch Perfect. Chrissie Fit (Effie) starred in the second and third films.


Best one liners:

-Galvin was the king of the one liners in this episode:

  • “Is that why you’re stress juicing?” (Galvin to Macy on her juicing whilst venting about Mel’s and Maggie’s reaction to Macy’s news)
  • “Is it creepy that I know exactly when Maggie was conceived?” (Galvin to Macy whilst reading her parents’ letters)

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