Speechless–Season 2, Episode 3 (J-J’s D-R-Dream)

This episode was solid as it had A, B and C stories that complemented each other.

The A story was Ray digging his own grave with Taylor as he felt the need to establish how much they have in common, by telling her he established a charity in JJ’s name. Throughout the episode, JJ tries to throw him under the bus as Ray did this without his knowledge, however he later decides that Ray needs a win (or at least fail on his own terms). The family eventually comes together to throw a last minute benefit where Ray wins an award and decides to really establish the charity. Whether anything comes from this remains to be seen, but this subplot was played out well and had a solid ending.

The B story of Jimmy trying to find and use his inner Maya as he has been promoted to manager was minor but hilarious. I actually enjoyed this subplot as Maya was encouraging Jimmy to reach his full potential rather than JJ for a change. Although Maya’s style doesn’t suit Jimmy, he did find a way to be the assertive boss which suited him. The scenes of luggage golf and Maya being turned on by Jimmy’s assertiveness were hilarious.

The C story of Dylan needing space from Kenneth was even smaller than the B story, however it was hilarious and sweet. Like Dylan, I wondered how Kenneth was able to sneak away from her so quickly, and I did enjoy this subplot as interactions between the two of them are rare.

Overall this was a solid episode with great subplots.


Stray Observations:

-Both Ray and Taylor celebrate their “100th dayeth anniversary”, Taylor even brought/made glasses to mark the occasion.

-Apparently Maya threatens doctors with a group of angry special needs mums to hurl peaches at their offices.


Best one liners:

  • “This might be the gas leak talking but I think he’s moonwalk has gotten sharp.” (Jimmy on Ray)
  • “I’m a coward…you’re not safe with me.” (Joyce to JJ after Dylan scares her and she ducks behind him)
  • “I’ve got to ask you something…where the hell am I, what is JJ’s Dream, and can a brother get some food?!” (Kenneth to Dylan)

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