Speechless–Season 2, Episode 5 (N-I-Nightmares on D-I-DiMeo S-Street)

This episode was this year’s Halloween episode and departed from the usual DiMeo unique costuming and focused more on old candy giving almost each family member nightmares.

The premise of the episode is established when JJ, Ray and Dylan search for the Halloween candy and find old candy in a duct, only for Jimmy and Maya to tell them that they just came home from buying the candy.

JJ has the first nightmare as he is the first to binge eat the candy. He ends up being possessed by an evil spirit when his communication board is replaced with Ouija board. “Evil JJ” ends up causing trouble as JJ enjoys being the bad guy and throughout the subplot, the evil spirit ends up empathising with the family and the challenges they face with JJ’s disability. Overall I found this subplot executed well, technically speaking, I also found it cheesy and preachy.

Dylan is the next to eat the duct candy and falls asleep as she’s watching Freaky Friday, which leads to her nightmare about her and Ray swapping bodies. Their bodies are swapped after Ray and Dylan (mostly Dylan) take candy and a bowl that the candy is in (which later has their faces moulded into it) when they are out trick-or-treating. Like Freaky Friday, both of them have to get through the day as each other–Ray points out that Dylan really needs glasses and enjoys the benefits of her coolness and lack of homework, whilst Dylan goes crazy and desperately wants to switch back but Ray refuses. Ray (Dylan) is then institutionalised after she reveals the truth and no-one believes her. Overall this subplot was humorous and executed better than the JJ subplot, however the ending was a little cheesy.

Throughout the episode, Jimmy keeps moving up their escape room reservation, which Kenneth hasn’t been invited to. The escape room providers seem to know the DiMeos and even recreated the living room for a couple of the escape rooms, so to me it was obvious that Kenneth was behind it all. This nightmare actually turned out to be Ray’s. While I felt the escape rooms themselves were well executed, I felt this subplot or nightmare was too predictable.

The episode ends with Ray waking up revealing he only ate what was given to the trick-or-treaters and Kenneth realising he had been giving out the duct candy, and that Maya and Jimmy ate it and tried to kiss him…only for Kenneth to wake up in the hot tub. This reveals that the events of the episode were all a nightmare of Kenneth’s and it has inspired him to create a Benjamin Button-Michael Jackson costume for his Halloween party.

Overall while this episode was well structured and the nightmares technically well executed, I felt it was undermined by its cheesiness and the “it was all dream” cliche.



Stray Observations:

-Kenneth came up with 10 Michael Jackson’s to be at his Halloween party and owns three out of the 10 outfits.

-Whilst trying to find the Halloween candy, Ray finds his hidden presents from last Christmas and Dylan finds Jimmy’s Law & Order audition tape.

-Lafayette High School offers exorcism services.

-According to Principal Miller, the online certificates a person can get to perform a wedding ceremony also cover exorcisms.

-Evil JJ couldn’t be stopped because the school is too accessible.

-Ray (in Dylan’s body) had time to get a detailed tattoo on Dylan’s arm saying “I’m Dylan, body swapping isn’t real”.

Best one liners and interactions:

  • “What question do you think I asked that this is answering?” (Maya to Kenneth on his explanation of his Michael Jackson costumes)
  • “You can cancel my plans but you can’t cancel my costume!” (Kenneth to Maya when she gives him a weird look about his first costume change)
  • “Kenneth you better have a good reason for defenestrating Joyce!” (Maya to Kenneth when evil JJ throws Joyce out the window)
  • “Full disclosure–due to a mishap involving a Ouija board that could’ve happened to anyone…JJ may be under the control of an evil spirit.” (Kenneth explaining the Joyce-window incident to Maya)
  • “I need a new communication board for my son right away. The one he’s currently using seems to have invited some sort of dark force into his person.” (Maya on the phone to the insurance company explaining the need for a new communication board)
  • “That’s for comparing my eyes to a nebula” (a random football player to Dylan (in Ray’s body) after Ray sent Taylor a love note that was CC’d to the football team).
  • “Aaah! And Pluto’s a dog!” (Dylan in Ray’s body on the argument Ray’s astronomy club is having about whether Pluto is a planet)
  • “I love being Dylan!” “We know dear, you don’t have to say that everyday” (Ray in Dylan’s body and Mr Powers after he is given one of her tests back)
  • “Honey I think I’m woke!” (Jimmy to an offscreen Maya after talking to Dylan in Ray’s body).
  • “What am I wearing?” (Dylan to Ray during the body swap when she sees him in a romper whilst in her body)
  • “Switch back now or I will shave your eyebrow!” (Dylan to Ray whilst in his body)

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