TV Week 2019 Previews

I’m carrying on my annual tradition with this blog post—buying the previews edition of the TV Week and blogging about what shows look good to watch this year (and that I’ll possibly review).

The first article I saw was one on the reboot of the much-loved late-90s Aussie show, Seachange. News of the reboot came out last year although very little details were provided, other than the fact that Sigrid Thornton and John Howard would be reprising their roles (Laura Gibson and Bob Jelly respectively), and that apparently Laura and Max’s daughter is 18 and Miranda (Cassandra Magrath) is in her 30s with a child of her own. The Previews issue didn’t provide any details either, other than reinforcing Sigrid’s return and three classic Seachange moments. I’ve always loved the original series and have the complete series on DVD, so I’m looking forward to seeing reboot and reviewing it.

One new show that looks promising is Black B*tch, which will air on the ABC, and apparently will revolve around “powerful politicians in a tale of betrayal and revenge.” It will star Deborah Mailman and Rachel Griffiths, with Mailman portraying a “strong-minded Indigenous woman (Alex Irving) who finds herself the centre of media attention following a shocking event. She’s lured into federal politics by the PM, but quickly shows she’s nobody’s puppet”, while Griffiths will portray “a calculating prime minister (Rachel Anderson) looking to boost her popularity.” Apparently Rachel appoints Alex to the Senate “hoping for good publicity, but with no intention of giving her any real influence. The move backfires.” I’m also looking forward to seeing and reviewing this new show.

Another new show I’ve been looking forward to seeing and reviewing is Bad Mothers, on the Nine Network. The Previews issue states that Bad Mothers may just be Australia’s version of the U.S. series, Desperate Housewives, and revolves around “a group of ordinary mothers who are rocked by a murder. Suddenly their seemingly normal lives are turned upside down”. The mothers: Bindy Burridge, Sarah Pooley, Charlotte Evans, Maddie Hicks, and Danielle Hicks are portrayed by Shalom Brune-Franklin, Tess Haubrich, Melissa George, Mandy McElhinney and Jessica Tovey respectively.

Bindy is described as a “personal trainer who unexpectedly became a mother after falling pregnant at 16. Bindy relies heavily on the help of her own mum, Jo (Nikki Coghill) who often finds herself parenting Bindy’s young child.” Sarah is described as an “intelligent and attractive GP. In a lot of ways, she’s a high achiever with a very full life. Sarah is a confessed perfectionist who seems to combine being a working mum and a full-on career with ease.” Charlotte is described as coming from a “wealthy background and has two children. On the outside, she’s a flawless charity queen and do-gooder—but is she all she seems?” Maddie is described as a “first-time mum at 42, gay and found the love of her life in Jess McKinnon (Michala Banas). The couple had a baby together—but things didn’t go quite as planned.” Whereas Danielle is described as a “stepmum of two kids who works as a retail assistant in a pharmacy, she’s a gossip, loves a laugh and is popular with the mothers. She’s also a great listener and likes to help others.”

I’m looking forward to reviewing Bad Mothers due its diverse characters and by the looks of things, a season-long story arc in the form of a murder mystery.

Another show on my list is Ms Fisher’s Modern Murder Mysteries, a spinoff of Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries. The Previews issue described the spinoff’s main character, Peregrine Fisher (Geraldine Hakewill), as “kinetic and bored at the same time..she can’t hold down a job, but also doesn’t know what she wants to do or who she wants to be, in Melbourne’s St Kilda during the swinging ’60s. But then she suddenly inherits a fortune from an aunt she never knew, and follows her footsteps into The Adventuresses’ Club.”  The article then goes on to compare Peregrine to her predecessor, Phryne. In the comparison, Peregrine is also described as a beginner, “ill-suited to a regular job as a typist or salesgirl in the swinging ’60s she comes into her own when she starts sleuthing.” Apparently she has great chemistry with Detective James Steed (Joel Jackson), this series’ equivalent to Detective Jack Robinson.

Another show that has potential is Five Bedrooms on 10. The Previews issue briefly describes the show in one paragraph: “when a group of strangers meet at a wedding ‘singles table’, they make the spontaneous decision to buy a place and move in together. What could go wrong?” The upcoming drama stars Roy Joseph, Doris Younane, Katie Robertson, Kat Stewart and Stephen Peacocke.

The article on Doctor Doctor in the Previews issue wasn’t so much a preview, rather a recap of the previous season.

The article on the upcoming season of Squinters states that it will follow the change of management at the Kosciuszko distribution company, which will mean new jobs, new staff and new topics to discuss on the morning and afternoon commutes. The new cast members that will be appearing in the upcoming season include: Stephen Peacocke, Justine Clarke, Claudia O’Doherty and Ernie Dingo.

I’m looking forwarding to reviewing all of these shows (and hopefully more) this year.

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