Speechless–Season 2, Episode 6 (S-H–Shipping)

This episode wasn’t the best.

The A story revolved around students, teachers and even lunch ladies at Lafayette High “shipping” JJ and Nora, the latter being a new student who also has cerebral palsy. The shipping is going on as the students, teachers and lunch ladies think that they will be the perfect couple as they both have the same disability. JJ, Nora and Kenneth point out how stupid the concept of shipping is, but nonetheless, Nora thinks it would be good to give everyone what they want in the form of a fake relationship that will eventually end, so they can get on with their lives.

This plan seems to work for them, until they are nominated Homecoming king and queen. Nora wants to continue the plan to educate everyone whereas JJ doesn’t agree with her and ends the arrangement. However he changes his mind after a girl he likes wants to ship him with a cousin of hers who also has a disability. In the end they don’t end up winning like they thought they would. JJ remarks to Nora that this shows progress, which pleases her and she ends the arrangement. Overall I found this subplot was smart and well played.

The B story revolves around Jimmy and Maya trying to resolve Ray’s overthinking problem, which leads to them playing miniature golf and Jimmy revealing that he hates Las Vegas as he was there whilst Maya was alone when JJ was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, and has felt guilty ever since. Maya then surprises Jimmy by taking him to Las Vegas so they can create new memories for him. I actually didn’t enjoy this subplot as there wasn’t much time devoted to it, the revelation felt rushed, and Ray’s overthinking problem wasn’t actually resolved, in fact it was completely abandoned.

The C story focused on Dylan wanting to pull a Homecoming prank on the school but being roadblocked by the School Council as they have banned pranks. She eventually comes across the class of ’67, who have inexplicably reunited at the school grounds and teams up with them to pull a prank. Dylan pulls this prank off, however the group have in turn pranked her, which she loves. I didn’t really enjoy this subplot either, I didn’t find it entertaining, to me it just felt like a hit and miss.

To me this episode wasn’t the best as while the A story was solid, the B and C stories, which made up three-quarters of the episode, were a hit and miss.


Stray Observations:

-Nora’s aide is apparently artistic, as he casually carved a ship into a tree trunk.

-Nora’s aide doesn’t speak.

-Maya has a bedside drawer filled with rubber bands, which she uses to shoot finger guns at Jimmy while he sleeps.


Best one liners:

  • “That’s shipping for you…horny profiling” (Kenneth to JJ on the school shipping him and Nora as a couple)
  • “What have I told you about marrying off your sister Ray…somebody rich!” (Jimmy to Ray on his attempt to ship Kenneth and Dylan as a couple when the latter turns 18)
  • “It’s not the float’s fault you can’t hang on to a man!” (Kenneth to Nora after JJ “dumps” her)
  • “Let the white woman rap!” (Kenneth yelling at a student offscreen about Dr Miller when the latter demanded she not rap)

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