Speechless–Season 2, Episode 7 (B-R-I–British I-N-V–Invasion)

Like the previous episode, this one wasn’t the best.

This episode revolves around Thanksgiving in three different ways–Maya’s mother coming to dinner, Jimmy’s brother coming to dinner, and Kenneth’s father coming to dinner.

Maya’s mother, Andrea (Holland Taylor) coming to dinner is the A story of this episode. To please her mother, Maya tries to be what her mother wants, which of course is everything she’s not, even more so as it marks the first time in five years since she’s visited. In the process of trying to make everything perfect, Taylor and her brother, Logan, drop by, where it’s revealed that Logan and JJ have some weird and mysterious feud. The feud is hilarious but not addressed and I hope it is in future episodes. Maya eventually admits to Andrea that her family is loud and messy and accepts this, whilst Andrea admits she’d like to try and get along with her and she’s aware that work always came first. Overall I felt this subplot and the outcome were rushed, I didn’t really enjoy it. I also didn’t enjoy Holland Taylor’s performance, especially trying to pull off a British accent. The casting agents really should have gone with a British actress, there are no shortage of them in Hollywood.

Whilst Maya is eagerly trying to impress her mother, Kenneth’s father, “The Colonel”, shows up and from the moment he walks in the door, they start arguing in the background. Their honest arguing in the background and off screen contrasts nicely with Maya pretending to be something she isn’t to her mother, not to mention it was hilarious. They eventually manage to make up and sing on stage. Overall I enjoyed their minor subplot.

Jimmy’s subplot revolved around his ability to eat the Godzilla Roll–a large sushi roll that he has one hour to eat, otherwise he has to pay the $200 cost plus his family’s meals. He finds that unlike his previous attempts, he can’t eat it all. He tries to hide this fact from the kids but Andrea tells everyone after he calls her out on her own behaviour towards Maya. It came as no surprise to me that Billy is separated from his family and his attempts to pick up college women are hard to watch, but at least it leads to Jimmy accepting that there are certain things he can’t do. That being said it was good to see the family encourage him to try and conquer the Godzilla Roll again. The reveal that the recipe of the roll has changed to include shrimp, which he’s allergic to, was realistic but a little rushed.

Overall I felt this episode wasn’t the best as the subplots weren’t pulled off, they were a little unrealistic and rushed.


Stray Observations:

-The Colonel is a stage name.

-Maya gives JJ a communication board with British references to use in the presence of Andrea. He uses it to call Ray a “Brexit”.

-Jimmy is allergic to shrimp.


Best one liners and interactions:

  • “Did the UPS guy call you ma’am again?” (Maya to Jimmy)
  • “Soccer sucks so hard I read a book!” (Dylan to Maya)
  • “No time for this mysterious feud!” (Maya on JJ and Logan’s weird and mysterious feud)
  • “He’s in the kitchen whoever you are!” (Maya yelling at The Colonel after he yells at her demanding to know where Kenneth is)
  • “The pilgrims came here to get away from soccer!” (Dylan to Ray and Taylor)
  • “You feel me teabag?” (Dylan to Andrea)
  • “How nice to put a face to ‘die you old fool, die!'” (Andrea to The Colonel and Kenneth when she finally meets them face-to-face)
  • “Weren’t you bald?” “I don’t know was I?” (Andrea-Billy)

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