Speechless–Season 2, Episode 9 (S-T–Star W–Wars W-Wars)

While I said the previous episode was an improvement, this episode was solid.

It was solid as the family (including Kenneth) was split into their own subplots. JJ and Ray were in the A story. Maya, Jimmy and Dylan were in the B story. Kenneth and Dr Miller were in the C story.

The A story revolved around JJ getting tickets to the Star Wars premiere and who he would take. At first he decides to take Ray, however he changes his mind when he spots a pretty girl who compliments him on his Star Wars shirt. This leads to Ray getting revenge by asking Logan to take him to the premiere and getting VIP seats.

Throughout the subplots they are getting back at each other, culminating in them fighting with a light saber and JJ’s grabber in the cinema and being kicked out. When they are in the bathroom, Ray tells JJ how he feels about being ditched for a girl and JJ reveals that Ray did it first by spending all his time with Taylor. What I liked about this reveal was the fact that JJ wasn’t jealous of Ray having a girlfriend, rather he was jealous of Taylor getting all of Ray’s time. It flips the cliche on it’s head and shows how strong their sibling relationship is. I felt that their light saber fight continuing when they got home was cheesy, nonetheless the subplot as a whole was solid and well executed.

The B story of Maya, Jimmy and Dylan also showed character development in their relationship, especially as the three of them are rarely seen together without JJ and Ray. The three focusing on doing the things they want–Maya painting the curb red so no-one can park in front of the house, and Dylan running with her clearly unfit parents, however Jimmy wouldn’t reveal what he really wanted. After accidentally stealing a pizza delivery man’s car, Jimmy reveals that what he wanted was to fix and paint the mailbox and realises that he needs to be better at communicating what he wants. Overall I enjoyed the interaction and bond between the three of them without the presence of Ray and JJ and I hope I see it on occasion in future episodes.

The C story revolved around Kenneth hanging out at the school at night as he still has his keys from his groundskeeper days and his gym membership has gone up. After he accidentally vandalises the school by not turning off the Froyo machine, he reveals that he hangs out in the school at night to Dr Miller, which leads to her showing up the next night. Because of her watching him through the security cameras, he can’t enjoy his alone time in the school, so he invites Dr Miller to hang out with him. When they are lying on the gym floor and see the balloon drop, Kenneth tells her that while the school may not appreciate all that she does, she will have something to celebrate one day. The subplot and the episode ends with the school giving Dr Miller long overdue appreciation and releasing the balloons, only to realise the balloons have also been long overdue for a drop. I found this subplot hilarious, heartfelt and well done, as it didn’t eclipse the other two subplots and provided character development in Kenneth and Miller’s under explored relationship.

Overall this was a solid episode as everyone had their own subplots, all of which provided decent character development.



Stray Observations:

-Taylor has never seen Star Wars.

-Dr Miller calls Kenneth a Froyo Hound.

-Maya gave Dylan “full immunity” once and never wants to give it to her again. We never find out what immunity is, the circumstances behind why Maya gave it to her and what Dylan did to ensure Maya will never give it to her again.

-Maya’s way of giving Jimmy what he wants without him knowing it in the past has led to her getting a second car and Dylan.

-Kenneth was apparently on Big Brother.

-If you type 2-1-2-1 into the school’s vending machine everything’s free.

Best one liners and interactions:

  • “A family quiz that also tortures Ray, I’m in!” (Kenneth)
  • “You didn’t think Chewbacca’s an awesome dude? And you want to take this guy to the premiere?” (Jimmy to JJ)
  • “We need to talk about his this family wields power.” (Ray as he’s dancing in front of the family to get a ticket to the premiere)
  • “Provocateur’s gonna provocatoo” (Dylan to Ray when she reveals his plans with Taylor and Logan to JJ)
  • “You can call it Maya-Da-Dyl night!” (Ray to Maya, Jimmy and Dylan on their plans without him and JJ)
  • “Even her shadow’s hot!” (Dylan on India Hertzfeld)
  • “I defy you to find a mailbox with better timing!” (Jimmy to Maya and Dylan when he knocks the mailbox over)
  • “Think of me as the family genie…with like a budget of six bucks” (Jimmy to Maya and Dylan on his inability to say what he really wants and that he’s up for ‘whatever’)
  • “I’ll find out what he wants. Give me ten minutes alone with him and full immunity.” “No I gave you full immunity once before, never again!” (Dylan-Maya)
  • “I’ll eat free vending machine snacks to that!” (Dr Miller to Kenneth on the balloon drop in the school gym)
  • “From now on I’m gonna be better about figuring out what I want and asking for it.” “And I’ll tell you more clearly when you’re about to steal a car.” “And I learned that getting arrested isn’t so bad.” (Jimmy-Maya-Dylan)

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