Bad Mothers–Season 1, Episode 2

Now that the pilot has aired and the premise and characters of the show have been established, the real fun begins with developing the story arc and subplots.

The episode kicks off with Sarah trying to take the kids to school, only for detectives to show up at the door to inform her they are taking Anton’s car and have a warrant to search the house. They also tell her he has been charged with Charlotte’s murder as news of Charlotte’s death is being broadcast on the radio.

As the premise has been established and depth is starting to show in other characters and there was a lot of development on that front, I’m going to review this episode character by character.

Bindy—Bindy returns home from another night out just in time to take London to school. Her mother, Jo (Nikki Coghill) is introduced to the audience and tells Bindy she needs to talk to her. Bindy later finds out her parents have been wanting to tell her that they have sold the house, bought an RV and will be travelling around the country. This means to her shock, Bindy has to actually grow up and look after her child.

Also throughout the episode she goes on a date and hooks up with police officer, Sam (Harry Greenwood) in order to get information on the police investigation of Charlotte’s murder. Although Bindy is an unlikeable character, I truly loathed both her and Sam in this subplot. I loathed her for ruthlessly using him without shame or forethought and I loathed him for his clear desperation. I loathed the subplot because it was unrealistic, no cop worth their salt would let themselves be in this situation. In the real world, Sam would have been fired. Sam is a cute guy but a lousy cop.

Danielle—Danielle starts the episode visiting Mr Jasic and coming across Lucy’s school drawings on the wall, which she takes a picture of as they look dark, violent and angry. Mr Jasic also asks her out and she turns him down. Later on in the episode, she reveals to Sarah how her and Tom met—he saved her from falling off a roof after escaping a fight with a bad boyfriend. It is during this conversation that Sarah inadvertently reveals that Tom told her that he doesn’t want another child. This causes conflict between him and Danielle as she wants another child, whether this conflict leads her to find comfort and have an affair with Jasic remains to be seen.

Maddie—A lot of character development revolves around Maddie in this episode as it’s revealed that she is gay and her former partner, Jesse (Michala Banas) is introduced. As Jesse is introduced, so is her new girlfriend, Phoebe (Kate Lister), which upsets Maddie as she thought deep down Jesse would come back. Whether Jesse and Phoebe are seen again in future episodes remains to be seen.

Sarah and Anton—Throughout the episode Sarah has to deal with the cops, the other mothers trying to find things out for her, Kyle and Anton. Sarah is dealing with Kyle as the other mothers feed her information about him simultaneously constantly keeps her on edge. She tries to keep it together whilst taking care of the kids and seeing Julius at her office when he makes an appointment, although he doesn’t say much.

Throughout the episode, Sarah find outs that Anton has lost all of their money and that he saw Charlotte multiple times the day before she died. While Anton tells her that the cops knew about the affair, that Charlotte was strangled before she fell/was pushed down the stairs, and that he thinks the cops should look into Kyle and that someone is setting him up. Sarah struggles to believe him as he’s lied to her so many times.

Both Anton and the other mothers report that Kyle was violent and moody. The mothers also report that Charlotte was wealthy not Kyle, and that she was planning to leave him. Kyle also admitted to Sarah that he knew about the affair.

Sarah doesn’t really know whether to believe what the other mothers are feeding her until she goes to see Kyle at the end of the episode and Julius is able to tell he’s home by the fact he left his wallet and keys in a bowl by the front door. Sarah asks Maddie about it but she doesn’t remember.


Overall this was a solid episode as there was further character development with all of the mothers, more pieces of the puzzle of Charlotte’s murder were provided, and another suspect was added in the form of Kyle.


Stray Observations:

-Sarah’s boss is also her mother.

-Xavier kept demanding to see Lucy and was so desperate that he left school in the middle of the day. I thought maybe Lucy knew something, but nothing ever really came of both his and Lucy’s desperation to see each other, other than the fact that they clearly have a close and slightly clingy friendship.

-The police questioned why Charlotte was missing a shoe.


Best one liners:

  • “Here she is, dropping off her kid at school again, mother of the year!” (Maddie to Bindy)
  • “My knight in a shining fire truck!” (Danielle describing Tom when she met him to Sarah)
  • “Some 30 year old kindy fairy!” (Maddie describing Phoebe to the other mothers)
  • “They’re going to travel around like old backpackers!” (Bindy on her parents to the other mothers)
  • “It’s not Romeo & Juliet is it? She’s eight!” (Kyle to Sarah on the friendship between Xavier and Lucy)

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