Bad Mothers–Season 1, Episode 4

This episode shifted from being about the murder to Maddie-centric.

The episode kicks off with Maddie seeing Jesse at the playground as the school called her to pick Max up as Maddie wasn’t there on time. After school, Max runs away to Jesse and Phoebe’s place and tells Maddie he wants to stay, she agrees just for the night, and Jesse and Phoebe inform Maddie that they are applying for full custody of Max.

Later, Maddie attends a meeting with Jesse, Phoebe and their solicitor, where Phoebe states that Max has developmental issues/special needs, which Maddie refuses to believe until she confides in the other mothers and their silence indicates that they agree. After Jesse asks Mr Jasic to have Max assessed by the school psychologist, Maddie asks Sarah to examine him to get Jesse off her back. Sarah wants to refer Max to a specialist as she believes he is on the high functioning end of the autism spectrum. This upsets Maddie and she snaps at Sarah and leaves with Max.

When Maddie later asks Jesse to come over and tells her she’s willing to compromise by allowing her to spend one day a week and every second weekend with Max, Jesse snaps and this leads to an argument between them, which ends with Jesse telling Maddie that she left her, not Max and that she stopped loving her. After Maddie loses a project at work due to her personal life problems and Sarah comes to apologise to her, Maddie finally breaks down in front of her and Bindy, upset over Jesse’s comments. Maddie then hires her own solicitor and tells Jesse she’ll see her in mediation or in court.

Meanwhile, Sarah is dealing with her dad, Harry, visiting. He informs her that he knows Patrick and tells her he’s dodgy, but other than that doesn’t give her any more info. His words lead Sarah to set up a play date with Xavier and Lucy so she can snoop around to find out more about the company. When Kyle inevitably catches her in the act, he informs her that Patrick had Alzheimer’s and it was affecting his judgement so Charlotte wanted him removed as CEO. He also tells her that the day Charlotte died, he was with Patrick at his doctor’s appointment when he was diagnosed, which clears him of the murder. When Sarah asks why he didn’t tell her, he rightfully points out that it had to be kept quiet so deals could be done and more importantly, it was none of her business. I felt that in this moment, Sarah became an unlikeable character and Kyle more like a victim of her snooping.

Sarah later apologises to Kyle and they end up having dinner together. Although thankfully it didn’t turn romantic, I found this sudden turnaround of Kyle from suspect to Sarah’s friend to be too quick and unrealistic, especially as his alibi hasn’t been corroborated in anyway.

On a smaller subplot, Danielle is still working at the restaurant and there is minor conflict between her and Tom as they try to make things work at home. Romy points out that they have been arguing a lot and she lets Tom know she likes her. As Danielle is constantly being tempted into partying, Tom spends time with her in his fire truck and they make amends.

The episode ends with Sarah taking the kids to see Anton after he has been beaten in jail.

Overall, while I enjoyed the character development with Maddie, I felt this was a filler episode as there was little to no focus on the murder mystery. It wasn’t a bad episode, it was good but not great.


Stray Observations:

-Sarah last saw her father three years ago when he married his fourth wife, Angela. Angela has since left him.

-Maddie is Max’s birth mother and Jesse’s brother was the sperm donor.

-Danielle use to be a party animal.


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