Bad Mothers–Season 1, Episode 5

Unlike the previous episode, this one gets back on track to focusing on the murder.

The episode kicks off with Bindy being pulled over for speeding by Sam. Whilst she gets away without a ticket, the episode then moves on to Bindy declaring she wants to help Maddie with her love life, before she has sex with Sam in the restaurant bathroom.

The episode then moves on to a drunken Romy and Julius walking around the cemetery and being caught by Sam and his colleague. Julius and Romy are sent back to Kyle’s, and Danielle and Tom pick up Romy. Julius then goes to Sarah’s office where he collapses and it’s revealed he has overdosed on pills. He is admitted to the hospital and he confesses to Sarah that he killed his mother.

Sarah then goes to the detectives with her parents and tells them about Julius’ confession, which leads to Kyle berating Sarah for not giving him warning about it. Meanwhile, Romy reveals that Julius left a backpack at the cemetery, which contains Sarah’s missing shoe, after the detectives question her. Sarah takes the backpack to Kyle and Julius reveals that he likes to dress up in Charlotte’s clothes and shoes. He broke the heel of the shoes that Charlotte was wearing when she died and tried to fix it, and because of her fall, thinks that he caused her death.

Sarah leaves them alone, letting Kyle decide what to do with this revelation. He gave the backpack to the police, and the police don’t think it’s him as Julius didn’t know anything about Charlotte being strangled and he was at school at the time. After Sarah reveals this to Anton, he is angered and Sarah believes Anton must have done it as there is no other suspect. In all honesty, due to the lack of focus of the murder and its details recently, I actually forgot Charlotte was strangled, where the murder mystery goes from here, I have no idea, but I’m looking forward to seeing where it progresses.

On a smaller note, Bindy agrees to a 30-day trial relationship with Sam after she succumbs to jealousy when he goes out with Maddie. I wasn’t a fan of the Maddie-Sam date as I thought that the writers had thrown away her lesbianism or were suddenly making her out to be bisexual, that being said I hope they stay friends. Also, Romy’s drunken behaviour in the cemetery, leads to her and Tom opening up and talking about her mother and Tom’s first wife, Cathy. Tom later gets Cathy’s stuff out of the shed, and the family plays Weir, by Killing Heidi, on Cathy’s record player at her grave. I felt this was a touching moment and cemented them all as a family.

Overall this was a solid episode, however it feels like the murder mystery, for now, has hit a dead end as no new suspects have emerged.


Stray Observations:

-Apparently Bindy views a cop’s baton as “fun stuff”.

-Tom’s first wife’s name was Cathy.

-Sam use to play guitar in a blue grass band.

-Bindy buys the kids pizza for dinner instead of cooking the sausages Maddie left out, because she couldn’t be bothered taking Maddie’s advice and “Googling how to cook them”.


Best one liners and interactions:

  • “Uh guys, can we please get back to my very important intervention!” (Bindy to the other mothers)
  • “What’s wrong with Sudoku?” “Babe, it’s not a game if it’s got Maths in it!” (Maddie-Bindy)
  • “There’s sausages for the kids’ tea, you just need to Google how to cook them.” (Maddie to Bindy)
  • “You’re still my favourite step monster” (Romy, jokingly, to Danielle)

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