Charmed (Reboot)–Season 1, Episode 12 (You’re Dead to Me)

This episode kicks off with a flashback to 28 years ago when Macy died as a baby with Marisol and Macy’s father, Dexter, begging a necromancer to revive her. The necromancer informs them that resurrection incurs a cosmic debt and Marisol’s and Dexter’s will be living together as a family for two years and then separating. I found this to be an odd debt, but as they were clearly in love and kept in touch for years, I could see how it could be viewed as a punishment or a way to repay a cosmic debt. It is also revealed that Marisol broke the necromancer out of Tartarus in exchange for reviving Macy.

In the present day, Maggie, Harry and Mel are discussing the revelation that Macy was resurrected when she enters the kitchen and later storms out as she doesn’t want to deal with it. Harry then comes to see her and tries to offer her advice as he can relate due to his finding out about his mortal life. After he leaves it’s revealed that Macy has found the same book Marisol used to summon the necromancer. Macy eventually reveals to her sisters that she wants to summon the necromancer to get answers on her resurrection and how it’s connected to the darkness inside her.

When Macy summons the necromancer, she appears more alive (no pun intended) than her previous appearance and it’s revealed she is living her life as, Maggie describes her “Nancy with a K, a gorge cashier at Handy Dandy Snacks in Ferndale”. Macy and the necromancer bond, especially as Macy unwittingly broke the concealment spell the necromancer cast on herself to hide from Cyd, a witch targeting her. According to Knansie, Cyd asked her to resurrect a demon she fell for, she refused and Cyd told the Elders Knansie was resurrecting demons and the Elders banished her to Tartarus. Knansie explains that the Elders despise necromancers, necromancers age slowly, and that half the people in Tartarus shouldn’t be there, her views on the Elders also align with Jada’s view of them, which puts the question into the viewers’ heads of whether they can really be trusted.

Cyd eventually finds Knansie and attacks her and the sisters at the house, Macy manages to subdue Cyd by throwing her out of a window, and at Knansie’s advice, binds her with the Chains of Antioch. Just after calling them for help, Harry accidentally transports Mel to Manchester, which I’ll get to. Although Knansie and Macy bind Cyd, she manages to escape and hold Maggie hostage in the bathroom at a party she is attending. In the ensuing battle, where Macy is encouraged to use her power to hold Cyd hostage by stopping blood flow to her heart, but is snapped out of it by Parker and Maggie, it is revealed that Knansie is lying and Cyd is after her as she asked her to resurrect her lover, but he ended up turning into a demon as Knansie uses demon blood to resurrect people in exchange for eternal youth. Knansie tries to get away but Parker subdues her and tricks her into breaking the demonic pact by attacking him, which leads to her rapidly ageing and turn into ashes.

Overall I found this A story to be solid as you’re unsure who to believe and while the reveal of Knansie being evil wasn’t all that surprising, it was done well and made sense in the end. Whether Macy taps into her dark nature in the future or if demons will try to use it to their advantage, remains to be seen but it provides potential for future subplots.

Meanwhile on a smaller note, Mel has been cyberstalking Niko, eventually meeting up in a cafe they use to go to, to talk. Whilst Mel is dealing with it and telling Harry about it, he accidentally transports her to Manchester when Macy calls for help. It is then he is forced to reveal to Mel that due to being distracted by his memories of his son in Tartarus, his powers have been wonky, which is why he transported them to Manchester. He also tells her that his loyalty is divided between his magical and mortal self, because of this Mel talks Harry into finding him. They manage to go to a church that Harry feels a sense of familiarity towards and find his details, including his mortal name and the fact that he was married, in the christening records which also reveal his son’s name is Carter.

They eventually find Carter and discover he is a happy older gentleman with grandchildren. Mel encourages Harry to speak to him, under the guise of being a cousin six times removed, however Harry is content with the fact that Carter is happy and that he is a great-grandfather and realises that while Carter doesn’t need him, the sisters do and resumes his duties as their Whitelighter. Although when he transports himself and Mel back to the manor, he does breakdown in Mel’s arms. I felt this resolved the subplot of Harry’s past, not to mention it provided great character development between him and Mel, as Mel admits that she doesn’t want to lose him and he felt safe to confide in her and ultimately break down in front of her.

A smaller subplot revolved around Maggie and Parker awkwardly interacting at a traffic light party on campus. Lucy invites her and after a rocky start, they somewhat reconcile as they don’t get back together but Parker helps with Maggie’s and later Macy’s rescue.

The episode ends with Macy making a deal with Julia to help her get rid of Parker’s demon half, if she helps her get rid of her own darkness. It also ends with the reveal that Lucy is being controlled by Alastair into getting Parker and Maggie back together as part of a yet-to-be-revealed master plan of his.

Overall I felt that this was one of the series’ strongest episodes as the A story provides answers to the questions of why Marisol gave Macy up and why she never knew about her sisters, and what the darkness is inside her. This episode also resolves Harry’s issues and completes his backstory, and the Parker and Maggie subplot is slowly moving forward again.


Stray Observations:

-Harry tells Mel he died in 1957, which contradicts him telling them in an earlier episode that he died in 1920.

-Harry’s mortal name was James Westwell, he was married to a woman named Clara, and they had a son, Carter.

-The Elders gave Harry a new name when they resurrected him.


Reference to the original series:

  • The Necromancer—in the original series, the necromancer appeared in the Season 5 episode, Necromancing the Stone, and was a vanquished demon whose soul lingered in the afterlife and fed on the souls of magical beings to temporarily return to life. In this series, necromancers are magical beings with the ability to resurrect the dead.


Best one liners:

  • “I’m not here to lecture you or give you a rousing pep talk, although it is my speciality.” (Harry to Macy)
  • “Necromancing doesn’t exactly pay the bills” (Knansie to Macy when Maggie reveals she knows the former as a cashier)
  • “Those in power who repeat lies long enough, people start to believe them, just turn on the news.” (Knansie to Macy on the Elders)

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