Charmed (Reboot)–Season 1, Episode 14 (Touched by a Demon)

I felt this episode was cheesy and a hit-and-miss in comparison to the previous three episodes.

The episode picks up from where the end of the previous one left off, with Mel trying to heal Jada’s wounds inflicted by the witch hunters. Jada thinks Niko was helping the witch hunters, but Mel insists Niko wouldn’t do that, which leads to her informing Jada that the sisters cast the history rewriting spell on Niko. Jada tells her that this wasn’t necessary, she could have used an Arcadian Smoke Screen, which would have protected Niko without having to sever ties, if she didn’t listen to the Elders.

Meanwhile, Maggie and Parker decide to take their relationship to the next level, however when they try to do so, a beam of light shoots out from Maggie, which throws Parker across the room. Maggie brings it up with Macy, who suggests that as their powers are tied to their emotions, it may have happened due to her trust issues with Parker. The episode’s focuses switches to Macy, when Maggie realises that Macy has burnt her hand on the stove without realising. When Harry heals her, he believes her pain receptors are dulling, which is a demonic characteristic, carrying on the darkness subplot. Harry suggests discussing this with Charity but Mel is against the idea, meanwhile Macy can’t handle the drama and goes to the attic to “escape”.

“Escaping” means binge watching one of her favourite 90s TV shows, Heavens Vice, about two angels fighting off vampires, the devil and other creatures. She watches this after massaging her forehead with one of Marisol’s essential oils labelled, Escape. Macy ends up accidentally knocking over the vial of Escape oil, which spills on the modem, which leads to a portal opening and the main characters, Gideon and Levi coming through, and it all gets crazier and cheesier from here.

Next a vampire comes through the portal and goes after Macy, Gideon and Levi. Gideon and Levi try to kill the vampire the way it’s been scripted in the show but Macy has to guide them through it by her memory of the episode. After this, Macy briefly battles another demon from the show and afterwards shows Gideon and Levi episodes from the show to prove to them it’s scripted and not real. While Gideon and Levi seem to accept the reality Macy’s shown them and content with going back through the portal, Gideon tricks Macy and throws her through it with Harry coming in after them. Gideon and Levi are in the real world, whilst Harry and Macy are in the TV show.

Further problems for Harry and Macy arise when they realise they are in the series finale, so when the data stream ends, they won’t exist anymore. Harry and Macy are then taken by the devil and end up in a cage in hell, meanwhile Mel and Maggie find Gideon and Levi and take them back to the manor. Thanks to Mel and Maggie brewing another Escape oil, the portal opens and Harry and Macy jump back through after managing to kill the devil, and Gideon and Levi walk through back to the show.

Overall I found this A story to be cheesy and ridiculous.

Meanwhile, Mel and Jada manage to track down and stop the witch hunters, in the process Jada shows an alternative way Mel can use her time powers–she can picture how something would look or appear based on a certain period of time. Firstly, Mel imagines the ring deteriorating and breaking down over weeks and even centuries, and then she pictures what the Escape oil would look like in two weeks when completed. I felt this was an interesting way to expand Mel’s powers and I hope I see more of it in future episodes.

On a smaller note, Maggie and Parker eventually resolve their issues when Maggie is honest with him about her fears and she asks him how he’s feeling. They finally have sex and in the middle of it, Parker’s own powers go haywire and they end up dropping down to a dark abyss. The episode ends with a mysterious woman with a mysterious mark on her head wakes up and claims “it’s time.”

As I mentioned earlier, I felt this episode was cheesy and a hit-and-miss, especially the A story. The B and C stories were actually stronger points.


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