Charmed (Reboot)–Season 1, Episode 15 (Switches & Stones)

Well, the Charmed writers are certainly masters of twists, that’s for sure.

The A story and the battle of the week focused on Medusa and Macy’s ability to see the demonic attacks in her dreams. While Harry initially thought that Macy may have received the power of premonition, which Marisol possessed, he eventually concludes that the demonic part of her indicates another demon is responsible. It turns out Medusa is responsible and Charity wants to kills her against Macy’s wishes, as Macy finds herself relating to Medusa. The sisters eventually discover that a sorority pledge, Daphne, inadvertently summoned her to take revenge on the people who slut shamed her as Medusa experienced similar suffering. When Macy realises that Medusa only turns people into stone when they look away from her, as people looked away from her when she was suffering, Macy apologises to her for what she went through, looking her in the eye. Medusa releases everyone and vanishes from the mortal realm.

Overall I found this A story to be underwhelming as throughout the episode, I found trouble distinguishing whether it was the A story to begin with. I felt more attention was given to the B story, which I’ll get to, not to mention the stakes weren’t all that high.

The B story was fun to watch but wasn’t all that original as the original Charmed series explored the concept of switching bodies and powers multiple times over its run. Maggie and Parker ask Harry and Charity for assistance in regards to the chamber they inadvertently found at the end of the previous episode. The chamber turns out to be a Vortex Viribus, a place of intense magical power. Maggie touches the wall of the chamber and touches Mel to read her thoughts during an argument, which leads to them switching bodies and powers. As they don’t know how to switch back, they have to live each other’s lives as normally as possible in the meantime—Mel has to attend sorority events on Maggie’s behalf, which leads to her finding Medusa and Daphne, while Maggie takes the opportunity to spy on Jada and discovers Fiona is alive, shortly after Mel does and she eventually comes around to Jada as Mel’s girlfriend.

The B story provided a decent amount of humour, especially with their dress sense, and Jada’s and Parker’s reactions to the swap, even though the former was unaware. However as I said, it was unoriginal and slightly cliche.

On another note, Macy informs the Elders about her resurrection via demon blood. One of the Elders, Elder Bari, reveals her face to Macy and offers to help. She uses needle proficiency, basically magical acupuncture, to examine Macy and informs her she has a rare gift, the Evil sight, which allows her to see through the eyes of evil. Elder Bari uses a stronger needle to throw into Macy’s forehead for her to see who killed Marisol. This leads to the extraordinary reveal that Charity killed her and seems to regret it, however when Macy reveals this to Elder Bari, Charity kills Elder Bari from behind in the same way.

Due to Charity’s views towards Medusa and admitting to Macy that she is starting to see the concept of good and evil differently, the reveal of her as Marisol’s killer was partly unsurprising, but I was still mostly shocked.

Overall this episode was mostly a hit-and-miss with an underwhelming A story and a humorous but still cliche B story. However it did redeem itself with the twist at the end, I’m looking forward to seeing how this is played out in future episodes.


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