Charmed (Reboot)–Season 1, Episode 16 (Memento Mori)

After the twist of Charity being revealed as Marisol’s killer, the episode focused on this revelation being played out, and due to this, there was no battle of the week.

The episode kicks off with Charity waking up a confused Macy from an apparent deep sleep, encouraging her to join the sisters and Harry for breakfast. It’s revealed that Macy has no memory of seeing Elder Bari, finding out that Charity killed Marisol and then Charity subsequently killing Elder Bari. The sisters and Harry notice her forgetfulness, confusion and what appear to be three bruises on her arm.

Mel and Maggie then reveal to Macy that Fiona is alive. Macy wants to tell Harry and Charity, but Mel and Maggie urge her not to and she agrees not to tell them. Later on, the memories start to come back to Macy and when walking around the attic, discovers that she inflicted the burns on herself and realises something is wrong but doesn’t quite figure out what in time as Charity catches her and wipes her memory again.

This time, Macy comes to again in her bedroom surrounded by Harry, Charity and the sisters. Macy starts to think her demonic nature is having an affect on her and comes up with the idea to talk to Dr Julia. Charity also asks Harry to track down Elder Bari, in the process putting the idea in his head that Macy was obsessed with her. Harry goes to Elder Bari’s office and finds in her diary that she wanted to follow up with Macy about the test results, meanwhile as Macy sleeps, more memories come through to her, specifically about Bari throwing the needle into her head.

Macy again explores the attic and finds Elder Bari’s dead body in the trunk and calls for Harry, telling him she thinks she killed her. Macy asks if there’s a way to contain her, Charity suggests binding her powers, which Harry is completely against as it would mean there would be no Power of Three. When Macy tells Mel and Maggie about this idea, they are also against it. Mel and Maggie then seek advice from Dr Julia.

Dr Julia scoffs at Charity’s idea that Macy’s bruises, which Harry has now healed, are a form of self-harm as demons are generally too selfish to consider doing so. When Dr Julia says they look like burns from candles, it hits Mel that Charity is up to something. Meanwhile, Macy is back in the attic as the memories are again coming back to her stronger than ever, this time finding the needle under a couch and performing the memory booster on herself, which causes her to remember everything. Again Charity catches her in the act but this time, forces her down to the Vortex Viribus.

Charity is using the Vortex Viribus to recharge her powers and Macy calls for help, only for Charity to tell her she’s disconnected Harry from her and the sisters, so he won’t come to help them. Charity admits to her that killing Marisol was a mistake and that her plans to wipe Macy’s memories and bind her powers were to prevent her from having to kill Macy, but since those didn’t work, she’s going to have to. In a desperate attempt to stop her, Macy tells her Fiona is still alive, although Charity doesn’t believe her.

Meanwhile Mel and Maggie are searching the house for Macy and call for Harry with no success. Harry then appears to them, revealing he hasn’t heard their calls and they tell him Charity’s compass isn’t working, but he reveals it’s not her compass, it’s a surveillance device. It is this moment that makes them realise what’s going on and where Macy is.

They come to Macy’s rescue, with Mel and Maggie battling Charity in hand-to-hand combat after she hits Harry with her magical binding whip. The sisters eventually use the runes in the vortex against Charity and end up binding her powers. Afterwards, Harry asks Charity why she killed Marisol and the other Elders. She says she thought she was acting in the best interests of the greater good, which is a similar justification Gideon gave Leo when he tried to turn Wyatt evil in the original series. Fiona emerges, fully recovered, and while Charity is happy to see her, Fiona is not, remarking that Charity is not destined for greatness, she is, tells her to enjoy Tartarus, and leaves.

The episode ends with Charity being escorted in magical cuffs to Tartarus, with her escorts being killed in front of her by Alastair. Alastair then encourages her to leave with him and she does. I’m looking forward to seeing where this new partnership goes, especially as no-one is aware of it and Charity is powerless.

Meanwhile, Parker is infected with a demonic virus by Lucy, who is still under Alastair’s control. Where this will lead remains to be seen, as Parker and the sisters are unaware that Lucy is being controlled and Maggie promises Parker to find another way to free him from Alastair’s control.

The episode also ends with Marisol boosting her Evil Sight to show Mel and Maggie exactly how their mother died. Marisol was casting an unbinding spell, which alerts Charity and she tells Marisol that she has been spying on her due to her ties with the S’Arcana. It is then Marisol reveals that Macy had died and was resurrected by a necromancer. Charity then panics over the thought of the Charmed ones being tainted by black magic, but Marisol persists in her unbinding spell and Charity throws her out of the window. Charity disappeared just as Mel and Maggie came home. This reveal naturally upsets the sisters, however they take comfort in her bravery in her final moments.

Overall this was a solid episode as it provided closure on Marisol’s death and new subplots were introduced with Alastair rescuing Charity and Parker being infected with a demonic virus. I’m looking forward to seeing what direction the show goes in now with the closure on Marisol’s death and these potential new subplots.


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