Bad Mothers–Season 1, Episode 6

This episode steered away from the murder and focused more on Maddie and Bindy’s parental issues.

Maddie and Jesse end up having a fight in the playground, which results in Jesse falling to the ground after Maddie grabs her arm. Even though Jesse admits to Sarah it was an accident, she uses it as leverage to get her way in the custody battle by taking a Family Violence Intervention Order against Maddie, which leads to Maddie getting arrested. On top of it all, Maddie ends up losing her job, which sends her into a depressive state and culminates in Sarah confronting Jesse to deliver a veiled threat and harsh truths. After this Jesse apologises, admits it was Phoebe’s idea and didn’t want any of it to happen. They end up writing up an agreement on custody, Jesse admits her faults in their relationship and tells Maddie she has proposed to Phoebe. Maddie pulls herself together to congratulate Jesse. Overall I found this A story to be compelling and realistic, it didn’t surprise me that it was Phoebe’s idea and I thought Jesse would have dumped her after she saw its affects on Maddie. Nonetheless, I’m glad to see Jesse has redeeming qualities and this issue has been resolved.

Bindy’s subplot revolved around Sam’s curiosity of London’s paternity. Bindy admits that she doesn’t know who London’s father is as she had sex with two blokes within a 24 hour period. This shocks Sam and he keeps pressing the issue to the point where he ends up dumping her as it appears to him that she doesn’t care and that they are “too different.” Bindy ends up revealing to Sam that she was slut shamed at school when her news of her pregnancy broke, she lost friends and had to drop out of school, and that things improved when her mother started to help her. Nonetheless, she contacts both of the possible fathers and they both reject London. Bindy manages to get a DNA sample from a glass JJ left behind at Anton’s, however the outcome of the DNA test wasn’t revealed, which was disappointing. I hope this is addressed at some point in the remaining two episodes. Overall I enjoyed this subplot as it provided much needed character development with Bindy.

While Bindy and Jesse demonstrated redeeming qualities in this episode, I found Sarah to be quite unlikeable. After Anton tells Sarah that he wants to borrow against the house, Sarah asks Anton straight out whether he killed Charlotte, which he denies. Sarah leaves and makes the snap decision to move to Toowoomba with the kids. Her mother rightly points out her decision is insane, she tells Kyle her decision and he tries to gently persuade her to reconsider. Sarah ends up changing her mind when she finds out about Maddie’s depressive state. This decision wasn’t surprising as there wouldn’t be a show without her.

Danielle was more of a background character in this episode but was thrown in the middle of Sarah and Anton’s dramas. Danielle calls Sarah a shit friend when Sarah tells her to look after the restaurant on her own after she moves, and then Anton asks Danielle to lie about the restaurant’s worth so he can get out on bail. Danielle refuses and later puts her issues with Sarah aside to help Maddie.

The episode ends with Sarah and Kyle kissing and Sarah coming home to see Anton has been released on bail as her mother put up her house for security. Sarah is clearly not happy about this and Anton promises things will be different.

Overall I felt this was a good but not great episode. However I’m looking forward to see where the remaining two episodes will go now that a romance seems to have ignited between Sarah and Kyle, and whether Anton’s innocence or guilt is proven now that he has been released.


Best one liners and interactions:

  • “I need my sympathy on the rocks please!” (Maddie to Danielle when she tells the girls about Jesse’s Intervention Order)
  • “Look on the bright side at least it wasn’t two guys at the same time.” (Maddie to Sam on London’s conception)
  • “Why are you using my computer?” “Because you gave me your password.” (Maddie-Bindy)
  • “It’s like an accountant but more scary.” (Danielle describing what an auditor does to Bindy)

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