Bad Mothers–Season 1, Episode 7

The penultimate episode of a murder mystery should be starting to tie up loose ends and make the perpetrator almost clear to the viewer. I feel like this episode only partially achieved this.

Instead of fully focusing on the murder mystery, attention was turned to Anton’s release and Bindy taking London to meet JJ, who it turns out, is London’s father.

The episode kicks off almost identical to the pilot with the mothers on the rooftop of Anton’s restaurant and Anton appearing out of nowhere, which shocks the mothers when Sarah arrives. Anton tries to pretend everything is alright by making Sarah breakfast in bed, being romantic and being a dad again, however Sarah is not receptive. Anton gives Sarah a folder of new evidence his solicitor put together proving Anton’s innocence, however Sarah discovers and points out to Anton that it’s not proof as it neither confirms his guilt or proves his innocence. After seeing Anton with the kids, Sarah does a back flip and tells Anton she believes him.

Anton throws a lunch at his restaurant to somewhat celebrate his release, Sarah thinks it’s in bad taste and due to Danielle’s promotion of it, Julius finds out about it and informs Kyle. Kyle crashes the lunch and tries to start a fight with Anton, but Anton refuses to give in as it would breach his bail conditions. Kyle vents his anger at Sarah for supporting Anton, which leads to Anton fighting with Sarah over her friendship with Kyle. Sarah leaves after calling out Anton on his behaviour and goes to Maddie’s place for comfort, the other mothers come over and Sarah admits her feelings for Kyle.

The next morning Anton goes to Maddie’s to look for Sarah, who isn’t there. I thought Maddie was lying but it turned out Sarah went to Kyle’s. Sarah admits her feelings for him but also points out how complicated their situation is. Anton shows up and punches Kyle, arrogantly telling him to call the cops, however Kyle points out he has by breaching his bail conditions. Sarah and Anton get home and Sarah agrees to be there for Anton until the end of the trial but can’t make any promises after that. The episode then ends with his arrest.

Despite his innocence being ambiguous, Anton’s now looking more guilty. I don’t want to assume he is, I’m sure there will be another twist somewhere. I personally feel like the writers are rushing the final reveal of the murderer and Anton looking more guilty. I feel they should have spread it out further, especially as the previous two to three episodes have focused more on the other characters.

Meanwhile Bindy tells JJ he is London’s father and like the previous episode, he rejects the idea. Sam tells him off, which leads to him reaching out to Bindy. JJ tells Bindy he wants to meet London, and she discusses the idea with Sam and Maddie, even though she’s clearly made up her mind. JJ is clearly being made out to look dodgy the entire time, especially a thief and possibly a rapist when he tries to sleep with Bindy. However when she admits she knows he would have told her to get an abortion if she told him the truth in the past, he proves he is a rich jerk as he wants her to sign papers preventing her from accessing his earnings for the entirety of London’s life. She knees him in the balls and walks away. I’m honestly glad that the writers chose to make JJ a jerk rather than dodgy and that Bindy ended up walking away, which shows growth. Although it ends up causing problems for Sam as he is caught accessing JJ’s police file without authorisation and is facing suspension.

On smaller notes, Sarah tells Tom at his yearly medical that he has an arrhythmia that should be checked out, which he refuses to do so as any heart problems mean that he can’t be a firefighter anymore. Tom goes to talk to Maddie, but ends up talking and bonding with Sam, which was nice to see. From what I could see in the promos for the season finale next week, clearly Tom’s idiotic choice is going to bite him in the arse. Maddie also finally goes on a date with the lesbian cop, Faith, and they end up hooking up. Although there wasn’t much to this minor storyline, it was good to see Maddie happy for a change.

Overall for a penultimate episode, I felt it was lacklustre as the build up to the finale has been rushed, however as a stand alone episode, it was good.


Best one liners and interactions:

  • “A small but unstoppable juggernaut” (Maddie describing Bindy to Faith)
  • “Screw men! Except Sam, we love Sam!” (Bindy to the other mothers on men)
  • “Wait, slutty feelings?” (Bindy asking Sarah about her feelings for Kyle)
  • “Bindy’s right” “What?” “I want that on a billboard in lights!” (Maddie-the other mothers-Bindy)
  • “That was truly excellent sex!” “Thanks!” “You’re welcome.” (Bindy-Sam-Bindy)



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