Bad Mothers–Season 1 Finale

The job of a season finale is to conclude the story arcs of the season and open up new story arcs for the next season (if there is one). I felt like this finale only achieved half of this.

The episode kicks off with Sarah and the kids visiting Anton in jail, who’s back in there as he breached his bail conditions to punch Kyle in the face. Xavier’s upset that Anton has to go back to jail and after he gets Xavier to leave him and Sarah alone for a minute, he tells her that the prosecution have put a deal on the table—plead guilty to manslaughter and he’ll only have to go to jail for five years. Sarah tells Anton she doesn’t want him to rush into taking the deal.

Afterwards, Sarah goes to see Kyle and he gives her a box of Anton’s stuff that he left behind. Sarah finds a tie that isn’t Anton’s. Sarah takes the box to school and shows Bindy, Danielle and Maddie. Danielle says the tie is Mr Jasic’s and Bindy asks him about it and he confirms it is. Bindy points out the tie is evidence that Mr Jasic was having an affair with Charlotte, however Maddie also points out that Bindy just gave the evidence back to him. Danielle also pointed out that Charlotte accused her of having an affair with Mr Jasic and after Danielle informed Mr Jasic that Tom is her husband and not father like he thought, he left and she believes he left the school grounds.

Later, Anton informs Sarah that the prosecution revoked the manslaughter deal after Kyle gave a Victim Impact Statement, which Kyle gave after he argued with Sarah over the fact that if Anton took the deal, he’d only be getting five years for Charlotte’s murder. Sarah then asks Anton if Charlotte had another phone, just like the phone Anton found in the pilot, Anton thinks she did.

When Sarah tells the other mothers that Anton thinks Charlotte had another phone to contact Mr Jasic, Bindy suggests that they set a honeytrap using Danielle, to get the phone or better yet, get him to confess. The mothers set the honeytrap with Danielle asking Mr Jasic to come to her house, while Sarah is in the pantry recording their interaction and Bindy sneaks into his flat while he’s out. The writers pulled the cliche trick of having the suspect come back to their home and the “will he or won’t he catch her” question going through the viewers’ minds. Danielle ends up calling him to distract him and eventually get him to leave again. Just when you think he returns, it’s Sam that sneaks in as he followed Bindy as he knew something wasn’t right when he went to see her.

Sam and Bindy search the flat for the phone and Sam finds it in a protein powder tin, although it’s not Charlotte’s secret phone but actual personal phone. Meanwhile Mr Jasic has made it to Danielle’s and she fails in spectacular fashion to get Mr Jasic to confess. Sarah ultimately gets him to as she comes out of the pantry and aggressively orders him to. Sarah shows him the pictures that were on Charlotte’s phone as proof, which leads him to confessing. He wished that he never met Charlotte and that they had an argument and her death was an accident. Mr Jasic is arrested, Anton is released and Sarah decides to choose him over Kyle…for now, as it’s best for her family.

Overall I felt that Mr Jasic was a good choice in perpetrator as for the most part he was an unlikely choice, which was also the biggest flaw of the story arc. Most of the series focused on Anton looking like he did it with no other suspects in the background and it was only this episode that Mr Jasic was focused on as a possible suspect. Although the writers did a good job with having Anton be the red herring, I felt the build up and revelation of Mr Jasic as the murderer was rushed and that he should been made a suspect at least one episode earlier.

On smaller notes, Danielle tells Sarah she’s not feeling well and it’s not surprising that the writers went with the cliche of her being pregnant. There is a minor conflict between her and Tom as she feels she can’t tell him due to the fact he previously stated that he didn’t want anymore children and more importantly, he is dealing with heart problems and the operation to fix them. Danielle tells Tom after his second operation to deal with a blood clot and of course he is thrilled.

Also Sam is dealing with the consequences of looking into JJ, which worsen after Bindy emails and talks to Faith in an attempt to fix the problem. Although they break up briefly, they manage to work things out and work together to provide evidence proving Mr Jasic is guilty of Charlotte’s murder. While Bindy came up with a plausible explanation for Sam’s presence in Mr Jasic’s flat, it is undermined by the fact that his fingerprints would be everywhere. Sam’s explanation and Mr Jasic’s arrest ultimately solves his work problems and he asks Bindy to be exclusive, which she agrees. Overall I’m glad the consequences of Sam’s actions were explored, however the outcome was predictable.

The episode ends with the mothers toasting to their friendship.

Overall this was a solid season finale as the story arcs for this season were concluded pretty much seamlessly, however I didn’t feel there was enough new story arcs opened up. The only ones I could think of were Sarah and Kyle’s unresolved feelings for each other, Sam and Bindy’s relationship, and Danielle’s pregnancy. Overall this season was solid, however I’m wondering what they will focus on next season (assuming it’s being renewed) now that the murder mystery has played out.

I’ve enjoyed reviewing this season and I hope there is another one.


Best one liners and interactions:

  • “You know what this means?” “Questionable taste in ties?” (Bindy-Maddie on Mr Jasic’s tie being found in a box of Anton’s stuff that Kyle gave to Sarah)
  • “I’m an excellent pacer!” (Maddie to Danielle)
  • “I was just breaking in.” (Bindy to Sam when he discovers her inside Mr Jasic’s flat)
  • “His socks were so creepy, they were all paired up and everything!” “Doesn’t everyone do that?” (Bindy-Sam)
  • “So what’s Mr Jasic like?” “He’s hot!” “I meant his personality.” (Sam-Bindy-Sam)

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