Speechless–Season 2, Episode 11 (N-E–New Y–Year’s E–Eve)

As the previous episode revolved around Christmas, it’s only natural that this episode would focus on New Year’s Eve.

The episode kicks off with Kenneth coming to see the DiMeos and finding out why Pepper, the new family dog, was kicked out of the service dog academy. The fact that Pepper is simultaneously capable and incapable of certain things such as switching lights on and off, retrieving items and tackling people to relieve them of their anxiety, is hilarious.

The episode then switches its focus to New Year’s Eve. JJ is going to a party, Ray and Taylor are going to a boat party, Jimmy and Maya are having a long overdue night out to themselves, and Kenneth has been forced to hang out with Joyce. However these plans are thrown into disarray when JJ’s wheelchair stops working, and Justin tells Ray that Taylor wants to take their relationship to the “next level”. Ray makes it clear he’s not ready and Kenneth overhears their conversation, which leads to him offering Ray some help, which Ray refuses. Ray ends up throwing a gathering with his astronomy club friends, which Kenneth forces Joyce to attend.

Maya and Jimmy’s plan are shaky, due to Maya’s reluctance as she fears something bad will happen if the kids are left alone. Although she does change her mind, she stays sober and tricks Jimmy into both getting drunk and making him believe she’s drunk.

While Ray’s gathering is going well for him, more chaos is added when Taylor’s girlfriend suddenly turn up and the power goes out. This leads to Ray calling Jimmy and Maya for help, where Maya reveals she’s not actually drunk. While girls keeping talking to JJ as they think he is a good listener, unaware that he’s non-verbal. Meanwhile Dylan goes up to the roof as she’s upset Pepper doesn’t like her. Pepper comes up (somehow) and comforts her as she actually needs his comfort.

When Jimmy and Maya eventually make their way home, they find that the kids have resolved their problems themselves. The guy who wanted to beat up JJ changed his mind, Ray and Taylor agreed to take things slow, and Dylan resolved her issues with Pepper.

The episode ends with the clock striking midnight, with Jimmy and Maya, as well as Ray and Taylor and their friends kissing, and Kenneth looking for Joyce so he can kiss her.

Overall this episode felt like a filler to me.


Stray Observations:

-Why Pepper always bringing bananas when people ask him to retrieve a certain item isn’t made clear.

-Apparently Taylor and Ray agreed to always be honest with each other about their feelings and their chances of getting into a top-tier college.


Best one liners:

  • “So he’s got some skills but a frustrating inability to play by the rules…this dog’s a DiMeo.” (Kenneth to the family on Pepper)
  • “I don’t answer questions that prove someone else’s point.” (Maya to Jimmy)
  • “You’re not going to react? I changed my mind.” “Oh, well that’s how you always drive.” (Maya-Jimmy on her sudden U-turn)
  • “They need us, not us, but the version of us that can feel our legs.” (Jimmy to Maya on Ray calling for their help)
  • “Either you’re trying to set me up with Kenneth or you’re avoiding being alone with me.” “Kenneth does have his charms…” (Taylor-Ray on him avoiding her)
  • “Joyce where are you? People and dogs are kissing!” (Kenneth looking for Joyce at midnight after she kissed him earlier that night)

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