Speechless–Season 2, Episode 12 (The H-U-S–Hustle)

This episode revolved around another theme (although not a holiday)—a 70’s fundraiser.

The episode kicks off with Ray trying to become the president of the astronomy club only to be surprised by Maya and Jimmy coming to the school and announcing via a parody of Born to Be Wild that it’s time for the annual DiMeo road trip.

The family is just to about to go when Dr Miller reminds Maya about the fundraiser to help upgrade the school elevator. Maya and Jimmy go into the school to attend the ’70s themed fundraiser, where Kenneth is DJing. Both Jimmy and Maya make new friends. Maya makes a new friend in one of the mothers, Sarah, who turns out to be against the elevator upgrade as it takes money away from the school’s fencing team, which her own son is on. Jimmy makes new friends after he puts on a pair of platform shoes and discovers the power of being tall.

Meanwhile, after the school’s security guard tells the kids that the van is in a loading zone and has to be moved, Ray gets in the driver’s seat and drives away. He then becomes “bad Ray”, mouthing off to a teenager in another car who throws soda at the van, running over objects in the car (at Dylan’s insistence) and then throwing eggs at the teenager’s car. He goes back to being regular Ray when the last egg he throws breaks the sign at the pizza place. Ray gives the owner his telescope to make up for it and they drive back to the school.

Meanwhile Maya confronts Sarah in the elevator, which then gets stuck because it needs upgrading. I thought the elevator getting stuck was too much of a cliche, however I liked that it lead to the reveal that Sarah is against only to make Jake happy, which leads to Maya realising that she does similar things to make JJ happy. When Jimmy has to take the platforms off to rescue Sarah and Maya, the truth about his height is revealed to his new friends and they abandon him.

Maya reveals to the parents that the reason why she succeeds in getting what she wants for JJ is because of her drive, and agrees to auction herself off to help get the other parents what they want for their kids. Meanwhile Jimmy admits his insecurity about his height to his new friends and they in turn admits their own insecurities. When Maya takes the parents’ “demands” to Dr Miller, she reveals to her and Jimmy (when he comes over to dance with Maya) that she’s spoken with JJ’s teachers and he won’t be graduating this year.

Overall I found this episode to be a little disjointed. There was no seamless transition between the A and B stories, the A story was a little silly, and there were continuity errors. However there was some solid character development with Maya and Dylan, and the twist reveal at the end of the episode was pulled off perfectly.


Stray Observations:

-There were a few noticeable continuity errors. Ray threw the last egg, which broke the pizza place sign, yet Dylan had an egg to throw at the soda throwing teenager’s car when Ray went back to being himself. Also, Dr Miller was in her regular clothes and Kenneth was driving the van when Jimmy and Maya were singing to Ray, yet they had time to change and attend the fundraiser inside the school. Also, as Kenneth was driving the car, he should have made Maya and Jimmy aware of the fundraiser beforehand.


Best one liners:

  • “If we get trapped in a conversation and we need help, the code word is winnebago” (Jimmy to Maya at the fundraiser)
  • “Why do you have to find larger themes in everything?” (Dylan to Ray)
  • “This is the best, weirdest, first fundraiser I’ve ever been to!” (Jimmy on his new friends kneeling down to praise him)
  • “No single ladies screamed, which means there are no single ladies or they are here but they’re shy.” (Kenneth to the crowd at the fundraiser)
  • “Foiled again by my excellent hustling!” (Maya)
  • “The trio needs a weenie…fine I’ll do it, JJ never will, he wants to see the world burn.” (Dylan begging Ray to go back to being the responsible one, then later accepting she’ll now have to be the responsible one)

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