Speechless–Season 2, Episode 14 (E-I–Eighteen)

It’s a happy birthday to JJ when he turns 18 in this episode.

The episode kicks off with the family counting down to midnight so they can wish JJ a happy birthday and also tell Maya that she looks too young to have an adult son. The episode then moves forward to later in the day when the family is planning JJ’s birthday party, where he’ll have Fudgie the Whale cake and his friends around. Kenneth later takes him to the store to buy “grown up stuff”—cigars, lottery tickets, butane, cold medicine, a knife and dry ice.

They are having a good time, until JJ runs into Troy who tells him about his plans to drive up north, find an apartment and prepare for college. This makes JJ realise he’s not as independent and as “18” as his peers. This causes him to lash out at his family, specifically Maya, about the reality of his life and he takes off. Kenneth ends up tracking him down at the tattoo parlour and reprimands him for his treatment of Maya and his immaturity, and that he needs to start acting like an adult if he wants to be treated like one. JJ goes home to apologise, but not before getting a Fudgie the Whale tattoo to mark his 18th birthday. Maya and Jimmy gives JJ the garage as a “man cave” for his birthday present.

Meanwhile, a hot foreign exchange student, Lars, is staying with Taylor’s family, which has Ray’s insecurities flare up even further than usual. Ray asks Jimmy for help and he refuses to give away his secrets to making women jealous, so Ray asks Maya and she gives Jimmy’s game away. Jimmy tries to get Ray to stop playing his games, but he doesn’t let down. His games end up working to well when another girl kisses him, which he later admits to Taylor, and she breaks up with him.

Dylan’s subplot was the most entertaining. When a student throws a spitball that learns on her, and the student is a smartarse towards her, she tackles him. She gets the attention of a teacher who takes her away, however he turns out to be the school’s wrestling coach and tells her to join the team. She is reluctant, until she meets a boy she likes, Rev. When she realises she has to wrestle against him, she tries and succeeds in gaining weight to prevent this from happening, only to discover Rev had the same plan and also succeeded, so they have to wrestle with each other anyway. The two of them negotiating their first date during their match was hilarious, and their first kiss was endearing. I hope there are more episodes of Dylan on the wrestling team.

Overall this was a good episode with character development in JJ, Kenneth and Dylan, and great comedic moments, especially with Kenneth and JJ at the supermarket buying adult stuff and Dylan’s wrestling subplot.


Stray Observations:

-According to Jimmy, guacamole has a subconscious effect on women.

Best one liners and interactions:

  • “Fifteen seconds. If you want to kill someone and not be tried as an adult, now’s your chance.” (Jimmy to JJ, counting down to midnight)
  • “Alright kids, we all know why we’re here. 3, 2, 1 (everyone in unison) you look way too young to have an adult son.” (Jimmy to the kids and than all to Maya)
  • “Watch the tone, I’ve got five more years to kill you with no consequences.” (Dylan to JJ on being his Fudgie the Whale cake fall guy, echoing the one liner Jimmy delivered to JJ earlier)
  • “Eww make him (Kenneth) read the weird stuff!” (Dylan to JJ when she reads out a creepy statement JJ’s making)
  • “Detention!? Today doesn’t really work for me, let’s make plans for another time.” (Dylan to the wrestling coach)
  • “Ray, I’m thinking of leaving your mother for Lars, I have a bag packed.” (Jimmy to Ray)
  • “Have you ever had to wrestle someone you love because they weigh the same as you?” (Dylan to Maya)
  • “That’s strike number two, Mr ‘my mom was at your birthday party!'” (Kenneth to…)
  • “I’m off to wrestling practice and not humiliate the boy I like.” (Dylan to Jimmy)
  • “I love all wrestling…whether it’s a person or a dilemma” (the wrestling coach to Dylan and Rev)
  • “That was my first kiss!” “That was my first loss!” (Dylan-Rev on the outcome of their wrestling match)


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