Speechless–Season 2, Episode 15 (U-N–Unforgettable P-A–Pain)

This episode to me was a hit-and-miss.

The episode kicks off with Ray looking and acting like he’s sick as he’s in pain from his break-up with Taylor. After the family get him up and dressed to make sure he looks good for Taylor when she comes to the house for her sweatshirt, Maya offers to take him out on a mother-son day. However he uses it to his advantage when he convinces Maya to go to the mall where Taylor works and he tries to serenade her via a phone attached to his drone (which Maya crashes) and he then walks into her store and confronts her directly. Taylor calls him out on his behaviour and tells him and Maya to leave, which they do.

Meanwhile after complimenting his film in class, Aaron asks JJ to go on a “friend date” with him to the movies. While JJ would like it, the problem is that going on a friend date in the outside world presents problems for JJ as something always goes wrong, and as he describes himself “I go from being a friend to being someone to take care of.” Dylan goes with them to ensure nothing goes wrong, but it does anyway. At the end, Aaron does offer to help JJ but JJ tells him to leave. When he admits this to Dylan, she tells him that she can always help move objects out of his way, but he has to move himself out of his own way. When Aaron returns, he believes that JJ got sick of his constant movie references, not that JJ was a burden. They eventually make it to the movies as Aaron pushes JJ there in a shopping trolley, however they only arrive in time for the end credits.

Kenneth and Jimmy’s subplot revolves around Kenneth teaching Jimmy how to be more of alpha male so Pepper will obey his commands. Throughout Kenneth’s attempts to successfully teach Jimmy how to be an alpha male, Jimmy reveals he’s jealous of Pepper only obeying Kenneth, as well as the fact that JJ’s time is also mostly spent with Kenneth. Kenneth apologises and Pepper finally obeys a command from Jimmy.

Overall I found Ray’s subplot and Aaron, in general, to be cringy and annoying. I also enjoyed the Aaron and JJ subplot as it explored a different challenge that JJ has making friends–interacting in the outside world (outside of the house and school). I also appreciated Jimmy being honest with Kenneth, revealing how he feels about Kenneth spending all his time with JJ, as it shows Jimmy’s love for JJ in another way.

Overall this was a good but not great episode.


Best one liners and interactions:

  • “Did someone change the light bulb? Maya we’ve talked about large purchases.” (Jimmy to Maya)
  • “Fine, but add salt!” (Jimmy to Maya when she’s slapping him after he insults her food)
  • “Oh my God, Ray’s expressing himself through song.” (Maya to Jimmy)
  • “No matter what Ray’s guitar tells you, I was acting in self defence!” (Dylan to Maya)
  • “What have you got up your bony little sleeve?” (Maya to herself about Ray’s actions)
  • “If I die, tell Ray he’s a dork.” (JJ to Dylan before he tries to wheel himself off a steep curb)
  • “Yeesh, get a screening room you two.” (Dylan to Aaron and JJ)


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