Speechless–Season 2, Episode 16 (One A-N–Angry M-A–Maya)

Maya is given the “golden ticket” of jury duty.

The episode kicks off with Maya receiving a letter stating that she’s on jury duty, which leads to an odd but well produced musical number about how happy she is to receive the “golden ticket” as it means she has time to herself. She is enjoying herself until she runs into Melanie, who feels the same way about jury duty. After fighting with the judge to throw each other off the jury, they end up bonding by extending jury duty to lengthen their “vacation”. Their bonding comes to an end when Maya tries to put in a good word for Ray to Taylor via Melanie, and Melanie tells him she thinks Taylor’s out of Ray’s league.

Maya then asks the jury to decide whether Ray is in Taylor’s league in exchange for and Melanie giving them the verdict they want. Although we don’t see their arguments in full, the jury ends up siding with Maya, and even Melanie when she admits she liked Ray and agrees to put in a good word for him.

Meanwhile, JJ has decided to set up his own dating profile and has the unfortunate experiences of bad dates as the women are only interested in him because he’s in a wheelchair. JJ crops out the wheelchair in his photos, which Kenneth quickly discovers and tells him he needs to be honest, which leads to JJ calling him out on his own dishonesty online. Kenneth agrees to go with him on his next date with Lauren, and she tells him the same thing Kenneth did. Both Kenneth and JJ agree to be totally honest on their dating profiles and they both get notifications that women are interested in them, but the subplot ends there.

Dylan and Jimmy are spending time together, which leads to Ray getting more and more jealous as the episode progresses. This is until Jimmy and Dylan reveal that Ray is getting a car and they have been spending time together to fix it.

Overall, I enjoyed Melanie and Maya’s subplot, especially seeing them reconcile and form a friendship, however I felt Maya’s musical number was cheesy and unnecessary. I felt Kenneth and JJ’s subplot was simple but well done, as they were learning important life lessons together. I also enjoyed Dylan-Jimmy-Ray subplot as not everything was as it appeared, I initially thought Jimmy was trying to spend more time with Dylan because he felt the need to work on their father-daughter bond, not because they working on the car. Nevertheless I enjoyed this reveal.

Overall this was a good episode.


Stray Observations:

-Apparently the judge is able to tell that Melanie and Maya are special needs moms based on their behaviour, so it clearly happens a lot.

Best one liners and interactions:

  • “I’ve neglected the very thing that matters the most to me.” “Over application of Axe body spray?” “Farting in your sleep?” “Making pronouncements about yourself that open you up to ridicule?” (Ray-Dylan-JJ-Ray)
  • “I will give you such a good verdict!” “I will give you a verdict that will blow your mind!” “Are you even a U.S. citizen?” “I think so!” (Melanie-Maya-Melanie-Maya)
  • “Did you sing that song too?” “Yep.” (Maya-Melanie on the musical scene at the beginning of the episode)
  • “Dad, meet me in the bathroom for some long overdue man-on-man time, loose fitting attire recommended.” (Jimmy reading Ray’s text to him)
  • “Does this say single because divorced twice wasn’t an option?” (Dylan to Kenneth on his dating profile)
  • “I cannot discuss the trial, not even the smell!” (Maya to Jimmy)
  • “He’s acting really odd, I think it’s about Taylor. I hope it’s about Taylor, otherwise we’re in for a few weird steamy years.” (Jimmy to Maya on Ray)
  • “How do you know my name?” “Doesn’t matter!” (Lauren-Kenneth)
  • “We wanted it to be a surprise you blubbering dumb dumb!” (Dylan to Ray when her and Jimmy tell him he’s getting a car)
  • “Weren’t you on jury duty?” “Yes and like all things I twisted it to fit my needs!” (Ray-Maya on Maya informing him the jury decided that he is in Taylor’s league)


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