Speechless–Season 3 Premiere (L-O–London [Part One])

This is Speechless‘ first two-part season premiere.

The premiere brings us right back to where the season 2 finale left off—with the DiMeos living on their front lawn. They later move in to Kenneth’s apartment where their struggles there are shown via an ’80s sitcom theme song made especially for them, as Kenneth says the situation feels like an ’80s sitcom. After a month, they reach a breaking point where everyone offers a solution that involves them separating temporarily.

Just as Maya is driving them all where they need to be for that solution to work, they drive by the house and see that it’s for sale. They go in and the realtor informs them that the buyer (Eddie) pulled out. Maya tells the realtor that they’ll take the house and she’ll get the money from her father, this moment sets the rest of the episode in motion and the DiMeos off on their London adventure.

Jimmy manages to get the flights for everyone, including Kenneth, through vouchers at work. On the flight we discover that JJ hates travelling due to the complications that his wheelchair presents, Ray is glad to get away from the California culture only for a British girl on the flight complimenting him on his accent so he keeps up the charade, and Kenneth loves the royals. When they land, Jimmy tries to convince JJ to see the sights, in particular Central Hall Westminster as, according to Jimmy, it has the best views of London. While Kenneth is determined to see the royals, which leads to Dylan accidentally revealing that she also loves the royals.

While on a tour with the family, Maya ends up running into her father, Martin (John Cleese), as the tour stops by his home. While Maya first sends the kids in, and they end up bonding quickly with Martin, Maya eventually faces him. After a rocky start, Martin and Maya end up apologising to each other through a role play of sorts. Throughout the episode we see them bonding and just as Martin brings up the subject of where Maya and the family live, and Maya has an opportunity to ask him for the money, he expresses his happiness that she came to see him and not ask for money. Of course this cliche guilts Maya out of asking for the money. Overall I enjoyed this A story and I’m looking forward to seeing where Part 2 takes it. I thought that the interaction between Martin and Maya when they first saw each other was hilarious.

Ray’s subplot involving acting like a stereotypical Californian surfer dude to impress British girls fell flat for me as it didn’t really add anything to the episode, and was really no different to his other schemes to try and win girls over.

Kenneth and Dylan’s subplot was hilarious. It’s not very often these two interact, let alone have an unlikely common ground. Kenneth pretty much sums up their subplot when he points out to Dylan that she “loves something but is ashamed of it because of what people might think” and that he doesn’t understand it. Neither did I as it’s very unlikely Dylan to be ashamed of something about herself. When Ray decides to drop his Californian surfer dude act and be himself, it inspires Dylan to admit her love for the royals and join Kenneth on his royal adventures.

The episode ends with Jimmy and JJ eventually making it to the observation deck of Central Hall Westminster and taking in the views, and Jimmy realising when they’re up there that the London Eye would have been both accessible and provided the best views of London.

Overall this was a good season premiere and a good first part of a two part episode. It establishes the season, the premise of the two parter and ends on a good note to seamlessly transition into the second part.


Stray Observations:

-Apparently the Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix film was filmed at Martin’s home.

-Jimmy’s parents live in a retirement home.

-Maya’s mother is currently around the world for work.

-Kenneth’s plan to meet Queen Elizabeth II involves screaming “Queen! Come outside!” through the Buckingham Palace gates.

-The footage of Martin and Frances’ wedding where Maya was out of control was broadcast on a show called “Britain’s Most Embarrassing Weddings”.

-Apparently Dylan jumps on her brothers, pins them and farts on them, although Ray would be the more likely victim than JJ.


Best one liners and interactions:

  • “This isn’t a yard, they sold our house and put our family out on the street…three bucks.” (Jimmy to a passerby who thinks the DiMeo’s furniture is part of a yard sale)
  • “When I hear myself I realise I’m a bad realtor!” (Realtor to the DiMeos)
  • “I’m travelling with a pretty judgemental party” (Kenneth to the flight attendant)
  • “Oh no! You?” (Martin to Maya)
  • “What is a honey maggot you ridiculous old man!” (Maya to Martin)
  • “She’s here! Darling, fetch the defibrillator I’m about to shout myself into my most worthwhile heart attack yet!” (Martin to Frances offscreen about Maya’s arrival)
  • “You’re not one awful person, you’re three disappointingly cute ones.” (Martin to the kids)
  • “Ruined any more weddings since we last saw each other?” “A few.” (Martin-Maya)


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