Speechless–Season 3, Episode 2 (L-O–London [Part Two])

This episode kicks off with the family trying to get a reactions from the Queen’s Guard, which includes Maya talking about the dilemma she has with Martin.

The episode then switches focus on to Jimmy and the fact that the last time he was in London was when he was on tour with his band. While discussing this at the pub with Kenneth, Jimmy makes a new friend in a British man, Rowan, at the jukebox. Their whirlwind friendship unfolding the same way as the whirlwind romance Kenneth is looking for is hilarious, even the ending, when he finds out Rowan actually does have a best friend.

Meanwhile Kenneth is trying to have a whirlwind romance while they are still in London and JJ is trying to be his wing man the entire time. Kenneth reaches a breaking point at the family reunion when JJ tries to set up him with distant cousins and then the waitresses. After JJ organises for Kenneth to meet who they think is one of the Mels of the Spice Girls, but is actually Mel D, JJ reveals he is trying to be Kenneth’s wing man as he saw job applications at Kenneth’s apartment and wants to have something to offer so they can stay friends. Kenneth admits that he thought that he would only be JJ’s aide until he graduated from high school (and JJ in turn admits he doesn’t expect Kenneth to be his aide forever) but he says that no matter what happened, they’ll always be friends. I enjoyed this subplot as it explores another aspect of their relationship–it’s impending end–which I’m sure will be one of many major focuses this season.

Meanwhile Maya tries to ask her father for the family and then conceal the fact that’s the only reason she was there from Martin especially after he organises a family reunion for her. Comedic moments are interweaved throughout the reunion, such as the relatives mistaking Dylan for Josephine, a relative who recently passed and Dylan is the spitting image of, and JJ trying to set up Kenneth up with relatives and then waitresses. The climax finally arrives when Ray accidentally spills the beans to Martin, and Martin slowly tortures them with the fact that he knows and tells Maya that he can love her and give her the money for the house but he can’t do both. Later, Frances reveals that Martin is broke and that’s why he can’t give her the money. Maya then tortures him in the same way he did before he gives in and they agree to maintain their relationship.

After Jimmy’s whirlwind friendship with Rowan ends, Ray encourages him to get in touch with his old band mates and he does, which leads to him getting the house as one of the bandmates is a loan officer and the other is mortgage broker. The episode ends with the family moving back into the house with Ray and Dylan putting up photos of their trip and Josephine on the wall, Jimmy’s band playing in the kitchen, and Maya Skyping with Martin as she crosses him and Frances of her “Dead to Maya” wall.

Overall this was a good episode and the better part of the two-part premiere.


Stray Observations:

-Apparently when Kenneth was backstage at a Spice Girls concert both Mel B and Mel C wanted him.

-Martin wrote “goodbye forever” on the cheque memo.


Best one liners and interactions:

  • “To be single and however young you’re trying to be.” (Jimmy to Kenneth)
  • “That stupid American holiday where everyone eats too much turkey and talks about how dreadful the airport was.” (Martin to Maya on Thanksgiving)
  • “Always good to make family feel good about themselves before tricking them into giving you money.” (Maya to the family)
  • “I don’t want any cousin butt!” (Kenneth to JJ when JJ tries to set up with women at the family reunion)
  • “Hey! Are you herding cheese women to me?” (Kenneth to JJ when all of the waitresses come over to him)
  • “I hate the dilemma but hats off for the drama.” (Maya to Jimmy on Martin’s behaviour while giving her the cheque)
  • “Mom’s texting me.” “All of Ray’s friends are texting him too.” (Ray-Dylan after Jimmy receives texts from his old band mates)

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