Speechless–Season 3, Episode 7 (F-O–Follow T-H-R–Through)

The episode kicks off with the family celebrating the fact that they’ve managed to find a Christmas tree for their home early, only to undermine their own celebrations by pointing out their inability to follow through on individual promises they’ve made. This moment sets up the rest of the episode.

Jimmy works on getting the garage ready for JJ’s man cave. During this process, Maya is going through things in the garage and finds items from when they were dating. It is then she realises that her lack of follow through is doing things with Jimmy as a couple. After Jimmy eventually finishes cleaning up, he uses what’s left to recreate their apartment back in 1997. After discovering carbon monoxide in the garage, they finish up and go to the beach to recreate another date. Overall while I found their subplot to be sweet, I didn’t feel it was strong enough to be worth exploring and was a little predictable.

Ray and Dylan’s subplot revolved around both of their lack of follow-through. Ray tries to get government approval to build a playground for the JJ’s Dream Charity with Dylan assisting him to honour the coupons. Typically, Ray is determined to follow the rules and is persistent, and eventually get his approval, only for it to be taken away. It isn’t until Dylan goes back to the Department and threatens a worker’s pet turtle that she finds out one of Ray’s forms was misplaced and she get the approval. Although you would think that would count as the sweet thing she did for Ray, per the coupon, the sweet thing she does is letting Ray thinks he did it on his own. Overall this was a sweet subplot, like Jimmy and Maya’s, however it was more entertaining, especially Dylan’s take on the Rocky theme song and her methods of getting the approval.

Kenneth and JJ’s subplot revolves around a list JJ has made to prepare himself for college, specifically making coffee for himself. Their troubles start off simply with the coffee maker not working and JJ dropping the glass coffee jug, then escalates to needing tyre sealant for JJ’s chair from the neighbour and the neighbour’s cat going missing after Kenneth tries to retrieve it. JJ eventually throws himself on the floor and drags himself across the kitchen via his good foot to plug in the coffee maker, which he successfully does with water and coffee beans raining on them. While they are laughing with joy, Kenneth breaks down as he admits he doesn’t know what he will do with himself once JJ is off at college. JJ tells him he’d be a good coach due to the way he motivates him. Kenneth is happy at the idea of it. Overall I found their subplot to be sweet and entertaining, however unlike the previous two, it provides character development as Kenneth has figured out what the next chapter is for him.

Overall this was a good but not great episode, the subplots were sweet and well done, but I did feel that this episode was a filler.



Stray Observations:

-Every DiMeo family member’s thing that they’ve never followed through with:

  • JJ’s man cave (Jimmy)
  • JJ’s Dream charity (Ray)
  • Unhonoured Christmas coupons given to Ray as a present (Dylan)
  • Preparing for college (JJ)
  • Doing things with Jimmy as a couple (Maya)

-Ten months have passed since JJ’s birthday and the events of E-I–Eighteen

-When Kenneth takes a photo of the family whilst in mental agony over their lack of follow through, Maya poses with a smile on her face.

-Some of Dylan’s coupons for Ray included:

  • Make a meal for Ray (she does in the form of a smoothie)
  • Do something sweet for Ray


Best one liners and interactions:

  • “Ah! So many hugs! I owe you so many hugs!” (Dylan to Ray when he brings up the unhonoured Christmas coupons she gave him a decade earlier)
  • “Not following through is a regrettable, shared DiMeo family trait!” (Kenneth to the family when they mention all the things that they haven’t followed through with to each other)
  • “Let’s all do our things…and get Ray some therapy.” (Jimmy to the family)
  • “Stupid DiMeo appliances ruining my jokes!” (Kenneth on the DiMeo’s coffee maker malfunctioning)
  • “Like my gut when I turned 40, I refused to be sucked in.” (Jimmy to Maya)
  • “Ray thinks he’s Rocky/I’ve never seen Rocky/I don’t think it’s like this!” (Dylan singing her version of the Rocky theme song whilst Ray is filing paperwork after he requests that she sings the Rocky theme song)
  • “What fresh DiMeo hell is this!” (Kenneth when he finds the WiFi router under the kitchen sink)
  • “We weren’t relaxed we were dying!” (Maya to Jimmy in the garage when they realised how much carbon monoxide was in the air)
  • “JJ you’re gonna make coffee! And I don’t care how many pots you break, how many tyres you puncture or how many cats we lose! You’re not gonna give up until you have a cup of joe in that beautiful, wildly unpredictable hand of yours!” (Kenneth’s pep talk to JJ)
  • “Hey roommate can you spare a wife?/I won’t need her long just for the rest of my life/And I love her now like I loved her then/We don’t need to cut off our oxygen!” (Jimmy’s completed Hey Roommate song to Maya)

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